Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Me! Monday│The SIL & Miss Em Edition

"Not Me! Monday" was originally started by MckMama, but I don't think she's doing it anymore and I haven't had much time to post them either.  This week however my kids have given me lots of fodder so I thought I'd do a quick post for posterity. :)

- My daughter did NOT stand in the corner of my SIL's garage pouting because she didn't have a big girl bike to ride and her cousin Addie wasn't letting Em ride hers.  Nope, NOT my girl!

 - My SIL Alanda and I do NOT often find ourselves wearing the same matching gray sweatershirts that were designed by my husband when we were in college and I was an RA.  My SIL was one of the 40 girls on my floor when I was the Resident Assistant and we were VH2 (Vanguard Hall - 2nd floor).  I honestly think those sweatshirts might last us a lifetime as it's already been 10+ years and they still seem barely worn even though we both wear them near daily during the winter.  Or NOT. :)

 (forgive the poor, non-makeup photo)

 - Miss Em did NOT end up stealing her cousin Addie's big girl bike and riding around the court while Addie came walking back. 

 - On the subject of bikes, Miss Em has NOT been telling everyone she sees, "I'm getting a bike for Christmas!" with a giant smile on her face!  I'm not sure where exactly she got this idea because I never told her that, but she actually will indeed be getting a bike this year from Santa I think.

 - While putting clean clothes away in Miss Em's room, I did NOT hear a slight sound and when I opened her closet door I did NOT see Miss Em hiding in there eating a pear she had taken from the kitchen.  Uh, uh, NOT her!

 - Daddy and Mommy did NOT both come down with a horrible case of strep throat this last week during our Thanksgiving vacation.  This is NOT the 2nd Thanksgiving in a row that Daddy has been sick.  

 - I did NOT completely konk out and fall asleep at the dining table for about 15 minutes after dinner last night.  Nope, I WASN'T out to the world with my head on my arms while the kids played all around and Daddy looked on amused. :)

 - After admiring his sister's binoculars from Sunday School made from two old toilet paper rolls, I did NOT tell McGee I would make him one when we had a couple of empty rolls available.  This (I assume) is NOT what made him within 10 minutes come running out from the bathroom to us all excited and he was NOT shouting, "Come quick, come quick, the toilet is leaking, you need to call our neighbor to come fix it!" (our neighbor is a plumber who fixed the toilet when Myles put one of his McQueen cars deep inside the toilet pipes).  We did NOT go see that the bathroom floor was flooded an inch deep and Daddy especially did NOT find a giant, man-sized fist size ball of toilet paper wadded up tightly and shoved down inside the toilet pipe.  Wonder who could have done that???  After soaking a dozen towels I did NOT spend the next 20 minutes using a blow dryer attempting to dry out all around the unsealed baseboards and along the vanity and tub.

 - When I was talking on the phone with my SIL and getting ready to put the kids down for nap and "quiet time", I did NOT find them both hiding together in their lego cabinet.  They did NOT claim they were taking their nap in there, complete with blankies, dolls and their eyes closed.


  1. I just love that you used the word "fodder" because just this morning I was explaining what that word meant to one of my classes when we came across it in a book!

  2. Haha! I love words but then I have trouble explaining some of them to my kids when I used them. :)

  3. Your kids are adorable! You fell asleep AT the table??? HA! My husband would enjoy that to the fullest too! He wouldn't say, gently, quietly head me toward a bed. No, he would look on and see just how long it took me to actually wake up!

  4. I loved this one!! I was cracking up through the whole thing!!