Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!


Last Friday McGee's preschool had their annual Thanksgiving Feast and it was so exciting to participate in our first big preschool event!  Of course I didn't realize until I was there and saw all of the adorable costumes and orchestrated program just how big a deal it was and how sad I was I didn't have a video camera to capture it fully.  I tried to record video with my point and shoot camera, but working that in my left hand and my "big camera" in my right hand wasn't so easy and resulted in a terrible video mostly of the wall behind McGee's head. 

McGee's class sang the Thanksgiving Turkey Dance song which I googled and could not find the lyrics for so I'm assuming the fabulous Miss Kathy made it up.  McGee had lots of fun practicing leading up to the big day and did a terrific job of it, but according to Miss Kathy, McGee's class peaked about an hour BEFORE the show during dress rehearsal, so during the actual performance you could barely hear most of the class.  I think McGee had a touch of stage shyness so he held back his belting voice, but it was fun watching him do all of the hand motions.  After the program each class had brought in foods to serve at their table and we all "feasted" together then toured McGee's class.

"Let's have a turkey dance, a Thanksgiving turkey dance, let's have a turkey dance and let's have it now..."

I think this is where they were singing about their feathers and strutting around...

Miss Em and cousin Addie watching the program

We were so blessed to have both of McGee's grandma's there to cheer him on!
  I loved his turkey headband he made and his turkey shirt made with his handprint.

McGee and his friend Jed, who is in a different class but they still have fun ruling the playground at recess

McGee and big cousin Brady!

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  1. Cute post! Loved Miss Ems outfit. She looked adorable. Lot's of great shot's...especially love the one of Addie & Em on their tummies :)