Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toddler Thoughts

I truly adore some of the conversations I have with my children.  Like this one tonight while I was putting Miss Em to bed:

Mommy to Miss Em as we were rocking in the glider: "What do you think you would like for Christmas?"
Miss Em, hemming and hawing with mischievious and hopeful grin: ""  Big grin!
Mommy: "And what do you think you would like to give to others this Christmas?"
Miss Em: "A sword for McGee, because I broke his sword so I want to give him a new sword."
Mommy: "That's very sweet of you.  What else do you want to give to others?"
Miss Em: "I want to give Daddy a....a babydoll!  No, maybe I'll give Daddy a sword too so he can play with McGee.  Hey - did you know I'm Maid Marian?!"  (from Robin Hood)


While outside today with Miss Em it started to rain.  I was holding her trying to get her in her car seat (which she wasn't interested in doing) and she says to me, "Hey mama, you need to put on your jacket."  I replied: "Mama doesn't have her jacket with me."  Then she took first one hand, and then the other and placed them on top of my head and said, "There, you're all better now Mommy," as though her hands were keeping me dry.  Then she leaned in and gave me a sweet, soft kiss on the nose and said, "I love you Mommy," and all was perfect with my world. :)


  1. There you go making me all teary eyed first thing in the morning. Sweet Sweet girl!

  2. Thanks ladies for being so faithful in reading about our little family!

  3. That's a great picture of your girl!