Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Night for Them

It has been a rough last few days around the Sunshine House.  Mommy has had a horrible case of strep throat that feels like it was combined with some form of the flu (stomach and cold type).  Daddy step up and totally ran everything (including keeping dishes/counters cleaned and the rest of the house too - so much better than I'm doing now that I'm back on duty).  He is an amazing man and always so nurturing and caring when I'm under the weather.  I started feeling a bit like doing more than laying down yesterday and his comment was, "You're alive!  It's SO nice to get Mommy smiling again."  I really think that adage about "when mom isn't happy, nobody is happy" is probably very true around our house and most across the country. 

I couldn't believe how tough it was on the kids to be separated from me even for just a few hours while Daddy was trying to let me get some extra sleep!  In one morning when I was supposed to be "sleeping in", McGee busted into our room (the door was closed) 4 times asking me if I was ready to get up!  Now I know they were having fun, I could hear the giggles from playing with Daddy, but I guess they're just not used to me not being around.  It was very sweet one morning when McGee came in, purposely placed his hand on top of mine and his other hand over his eyes and immediately started praying, "Dear God, please heal mommy and make her feel better.  Amen."  The first morning after I started getting sick he had asked, "Are you all better Mommy, because God can heal you!" 

Anyways, all this to say I'm happy after 3 days of Penicillin to be feeling up to about 75% normal again, but sad to say that Daddy came down with strep today.  Fortunately he was able to get a doctor to call in the Penicillin order with just a phone consult so I about a day and a half he should start to be feeling a bit better too.  We're still praying hard neither of the kids get it and so far they seem fine.  We had planned to go to Chick-fil-A tonight with my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 kids, but with Daddy sick he wasn't going to go and it was probably best not to have all of the kids in such close quarters together sharing germs.  McGee was incredibly sad and was crying when I told him his cousins couldn't go, I decided the kids just needed a night for them.

So the 3 of us went to Chick-fil-A and sat at a table away from everyone else, enjoyed our family night meal then splurged and split one of their holiday Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshakes.  With a weak stomach still I actually didn't eat too much, but the kids sure enjoyed it all!  Next we went to Target and for 45 minutes we browsed and played up and down every single toy aisle.  Never have they had the chance to look at all of the toys for more than a mere glance as we rushed off to get whatever it was we came for, so walking into Target just to browse and walking out without buying anything was a huge treat and they ended up having such a great night.   In addition, it was fun for me to see what toys they were drawn to most as I was already pondering Christmas shopping ideas.

No pictures today, but I wanted to blog about our night and hopefully soon I'll be blogging more regularly again.

Oh and can I just say that we have the COOLEST kids ever?!  Seriously, I'm sure all the other kids in the world are incredible, but my two are just completely amazing and Daddy and I love them to pieces!  Despite the sickness in the household, we've been enjoying the extra family time and it was such a sweet memory Sunday night watching the kids both sitting on Daddy's lap giggling their heads off while watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving (VHS of course).  Although it would have been nice to have my camera handy to capture it, I was still a zombie and zonked out minutes later on the couch with the vision of their smiles in my dreams.


  1. oh man! You guys have been hit so hard!! Praying for health to drench your home :D
    I can't believe you haven't walked the toy aisles to play before :) We do that all the time!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. It's so hard when momma's sick!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick. Strep is the worst! You poor dear. I hope you're feeling %100 again very soon.

    I love going to Target and just letting Yaya play in the toy section. So fun to see what she's drawn towards.

  3. Thank you for your prayers! Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving! I guess this mama is going to need to slow down a little more and give the kids more "playtime" at Target. :)

  4. Mindy I always love to read your posts! I am so glad you are better!! How precious that Myles prayed for you! I gave big kudos to Kyle for going to the birthday party without you! I don't know that Greg would have done that! I am glad you guys got to go have some fun! The boys love to go and just browse the toy isles also! Thanks for sharing!! ~Raeane =)