Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing (and tremble)

Oh Miss Em how I love you!  I love your independent, confident nature, your goofy, entertaining quirkiness and your fun-loving spirit keeps us all completely wrapped around your little fingers.  But oh my dear, your rebellious, wild spirit also makes me tremble in fear a bit as I look toward your tween and teenage years.  Please be kind, please be obedient and please, please, please have a heart after God and be led by Godly wisdom and not your own desires (however fun and exciting they may seem!).

At the State Fair this series of pictures tell the story of our wild and rebellious little girl, the little girl who wanted desperately to play in the fenced off tractor yard:

Sitting cute with the boys

Slyly sliding one leg over the fence...

Flashing your little "who me" grin, the one that says, "It's okay, I can do it, right mom?!"...

And then she's off!

Making a run for it...

...and boldly hopping a second fence!  I love how the boys are awestruck as they look on.  "What a wild girl!" they must be thinking.

Don't worry - moments after I snapped this last pick Mommy was hopping fences as well and grab her little sneaky girl.  Be thankful I didn't have my friend snap pictures of the thrashing of legs and torso, pulling and grabbing of arms that went along with trying to bring Miss Em back with the boys.  Strong willed?  Check!  Love you my girl.


  1. Love this post! I think I've seen a similar look on Yaya's face more than once.


  2. Love it! The can't stop laughing at her "I'm a wild animal...roar" comment at the lunch table the other day :)

  3. That last picture made me laugh out loud!! Hilarious, and so so much like my own two year old! :)