Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cousins First Sleepover...Kinda

I'm not even sure kinda is a word, but that's okay, it's my blog and it's going to be a word here today.  

We watched our niece and two nephew a few weeks back so their mom and dad could have a night out and put Brady to bed in McGee's room.  Brady has been asking for McGee to stay over for months now so they were so excited to have a mini-sleepover.  We were surprised at how well they did and that they actually went to sleep.  McGee was sad to wake-up in the morning and find Brady had been picked up in the night, but it was a nice preview of the fun they will have with future sleepovers.


  1. Having cousins close by is the best!

  2. my son has that exact comforter! Target? so fun to have sleep overs and I am impressed that they went to sleep!

  3. Very true MomBrose!

    It's a fun boy comforter for sure. I'm thinking we found it at Ross awhile back - he chose it of course!