Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Funnies

I'm linking up today to my friend MomBrose's "Friday Funnies"...

 - Rhyming has been lots of fun for McGee lately.  On our way to preschool McGee this week he said, "Hey Mommy - princess, rincess."  Although "rincess" is not really a word I said, "Uh huh, they rhyme don't they?"  Then he said, "Truck, *uck (insert my most detested of all curse words)."  I didn't know what to say, or do.  So I said and did nothing.  A moment passed and he continued on with his rhyming, "Car, far.  Pink, rink, sink, link, drink...." and on it went.  My son's first curse word...and he didn't even know it! :)

Here are some funnies from the past that I found written down on various scraps of paper from this last year:

June 2010
McGee with hands COVERED in marker:

McGee:  "It's okay, I feel comfortable.  I just look like a clown because I have this all over me."
Mommy:  "You know that's not okay right?"
McGee: "Yes I do, but sometimes we can do it and sometimes it's not good.  Today it's okay though."

May 2010
McGee to Miss Em:
"Do you like my new train I got for my birthday?  Do you love it or do you NOT love it?  Do you like it or do you LOVE it?"

McGee: "Mommy tomorrow you can be really funny and make good choices.  Maybe you can paint with your paints."  Well okay son. :)

July 2009 (I know, these are OLD!)
Papa watching Miss Em eat, "She is getting a mustache under her nose."
McGee: "When I get to be a Papa I will have a mustache too."  (Both Papa's have mustaches).

Miss Em praying: "Mommy, Dada, grandma, myl, ball, dog, whessis? (what's this?), all done, thank you, amen."


  1. You're so good at getting these comments written down. By the time I find my piece of paper I've forgotten what they just said. Love Miss Em's prayer.

  2. Love those!! I busted up at your first one. So innocent! :)

  3. I no Frizzy - there are SO many comments and conversations I wish I could remember because I know they were hilarious, but I didn't get to write them down fast enough.

    MomBrose - oh yes, that first one WAS a doozy!