Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Fair Fun

*another overdue post from summer - lots of pictures*

Summer = fair time, right?

This summer the kids and I went to the State Fair with some friends and my hometown's County fair with family.  Both were fun and many memories were created.

The State fair had a great deal on their corn dogs - $3.50 for a jumbo dog!  Miss Em ate hers as well as some of mine.  The animals were a HUGE hit for Miss Em - in this top right picture she grabbed onto the fence of a sheep and wouldn't let go.  She may only be 2 years old, but she is strong!  I had to pry her away.  The days old piglets in the bottom picture were adorable and caught her eye as well.

The kids and I by the beautiful gardens

Look at those sunflowers!

My friend Alicia and I decided to let the kids each go on 1 ride.  McGee had been talking about the "Lightning McQueen" ride and how we had to walk up and around this one building and over a bridge to get to it.  I thought he was making it up but he said it was from when he came last year with Daddy and Uncle Matt and Papa.  We went to find this ride and I was skeptical, but sure enough, there was a CARs movie ride with little Jeeps and Mater that the kids could "drive" around a track.  McGee and Jed were so excited to go on it!

An excited McGee exiting from his ride.  We had trouble finding a ride that the little ones could go on, but finally found this boat ride that accepted their height.  Miss Em and Jackson had so much fun "driving" this boat round and round!  Funnel cake and fireworks (not pictured) completed our State Fair experience for 2010.

A week later we headed up to Mommy's hometown and joined Grandma and our cousins at the County Fair.  Little Ashlee was in the diaper derby but didn't really find herself wanting to crawl at all.  McGee - Mr. Need for Speed - won the diaper derby a few years ago as a crawler with his strange but speedy little gorilla crawl.  Miss Em was in it last year too, but didn't really feel like crawling much.

After the diaper derby we searched the exhibits to find a picture of McGee that Grandma & Grandpa's friend had taken and submitted- looks a little grouchy huh?

Next came the rides!  McGee, Hannah and Miss Em enjoyed an exhilarating car ride.  In fact, I think they may have gone on it a couple of times.

Next Hannah and McGee went flying in the airplanes, but McGee ended up being less than thrilled with being high above the ground.

We ran into some more cousins - Lori, Kim and Sydney - it was such a nice surprise!

I love this of the three little ones looking on at the bumper cars with such fascination!  We told them they had to wait a few years for that ride.

What's a fair without ice cream and cotton candy?!

A free ride on the carousel.  Miss Em kept saying, "Grandma look, I'm riding a horsey!"

So much fun was had this day!  Smiles, giggles, goofy and grumpy faces and boy do I always love sunflare!

I loved processing these two in one of my favorite bright processing styles!

This final image is a favorite of mine - Hannah and Miss Em enjoyed their first fair together!


  1. What a day filled with great memories :). Love your bright processing!!! Beautiful!

  2. Sweet pictures. I love the corn dogs on the top. They are HUGE! :) We love the fair too but sadly haven't gone in years. Maybe next summer :)

  3. Cute post! Fun night! Love the pic of Em & Hanna...so precious!

  4. Thanks gals - wasn't summer fun?