Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons to Love Being a Mom

I have been terrible about blogging lately and I apologize.  I've even tried to take a break these last few days from long term sitting at the computer thinking it might help get rid of the migraines I've been getting, but here I sit for the first time in a week trying to blog and I have yet another migraine headache ruining my concentration. :(  So instead of trying to think of something fun, interesting or enlightening to share, I'm just going to borrow from American Baby magazine and give you "12 Reasons to Love Being a Mom":

1.  You receive a reception worthy of the next American Idol even though you'd only left the room for a minute to get more wipes.

2.  There's no better exercise program than chasing a toddler through a good-size mall - except maybe chasing two of them.

3.  When was the last time a grown-up hugged you simply for buying cookies? 

4.  You can't very well put videos of your husband dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on YouTube.  But the baby?  Upload away!  (Is it sad I don't even know what song this is?)

5.  Babies don't accidentally butt-call your cell phone and they never hog the remote.  (I'm guessing this is something the magazine thinks guys do??)

6.  Nothing's sexier than a man holding a baby - except for a man changing a diaper.  Definitely!

7.  The 100th reading of Goodnight Moon is every bit as good as the first.  Don't forget The Big Red Barn too!

8.  You no longer look quite as silly dressing up for Halloween.  In fact, not dressing up might make you odd mom out.

9.  You've got a built-in excuse for RSVP-ing "no" whenever you feel like it.  (I'm not so sure about this one.  Often I feel more pressure that I have to attend something because everyone will be disappointed if the baby/kids aren't there.)

10.  Somebody loves you no matter what you're wearing (strained peas on your shirt), what you're doing (prepping yet another birthday party), or how long it's been since you showered (Uh, Tuesday?  Nah, Monday!).

11.  Naptime.

12.  Alarm clocks are more appealing when they're wearing footie pajamas.  Absolutely!

Oh and MY top reason to love being a mom???  These two and their fun loving personalities and smiles!

(photo courtesy of my friend and fellow photographer Lisa Smiley)

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