Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Blast Recap

**I have realized I missed out on posting much about this summer!  Therefore the next few posts are some that should have been posted a month ago, but never got published.**

Some may have read about my tearful drop off when McGee went to his first vacation Bible school last month, but I didn't get a chance to come back and tell you what a fantastic week he had at Summer Blast!  It was Australian Outback themed and my little Joey had such a great time singing, playing and learning.  I heard from a few friends who volunteered that McGee was quite the cut-up during the singing time. :)  They provided a cd on the first day with the music from the week and that cd has played almost non-stop in our car (and house) ever since!  It starts with an awesome "Good Morning" song that can't help but get you in a good mood and the rest of the cd is just as great.  Needless to say, McGee had LOTS of practice with his music.

On Friday of Summer Blast week they had a final bbq party for all of the families with one last send-off.  McGee and Miss Em found they preferred playing in a puddle around a tree rather than surrounded by all the other kids on the bouncy water slide or in the bounce house. 

It was a HOT night!

McGee listening intently

Giving a good 'ole Aussie yell!

Somehow our McGee has a tendency to find himself BEHIND others on-stage despite being on the shorter side where he needs to be up front.  Oh well - I still caught him. :)

He snuck in front of his Auntie Alanda (a genuine Aussie) for the final song

Back out in the crowd - he had a great time being a part Summer Blast!

He made a small one on the first day, but here he is playing a real didgeridoo.  These can actually be hard to play but our boys strong lungs did pretty well!


  1. Cute pictures! He looks like he has really come out of his shell.

  2. Looks like so much fun. I'm sad Yaya missed it.

  3. He can still be a bit shy, but is pretty social and LOVES doing boy things - yelling, running, riding bikes, playing pirates and swords. :)