Thursday, July 8, 2010


Guess what?  I'm a newly minted 31-year old and I'm happy.

No specific reason really.  Not the fabulous time with family on my birthday or the many sweet birthday blessings via phone, card, or Facebook - although all of those were icing on the cake.  Not the large amount of chocolate I've consumed over the last 6 days - although that could explain this sugar coma I'm feeling.  Not the super fun time we had at the zoo with friends today - although it WAS great and I WILL have a post coming I'm sure.

Nope, I'm just happy for the sake of being happy.  Happy I'm saved and forgiven.  Happy I'm married to a wonderful man.  Happy I'm a mom to two EXTRAORDINARY children.  Happy my God can do amazing things.  Happy to see what our future holds as Daddy continues searching for a job.  Happy for the upcoming opportunity for some vacation and alone-time with Daddy to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Happy that my husband still makes me feel 16... 15 years later.

Happy for beautiful smiles from gorgeous babies (especially when they're my niece).

Happy for baby blow bubbles.

Happy for big blue eyes.

Happy for games of peek-a-boo under tables.

Happy to hear my McGee say, "Mommy can I get out because I want you to take my picture?  Okay, can you take my picture here by the train?"

Happy for moments captured like this that make me laugh out loud.

I hope you can find lots to be happy about today as well.


  1. Beautiful post! I pray you have much more to be happy about very soon. Especially re. your hubby and his job.

    Frizzy and Bird

  2. And I am happy you are my friend! God bless, Mindy! Lovely, lovely photos!

  3. You have a beautiful way with words, Mindy!!!!