Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Weekend Fun

We had an amazing, busy and FUN weekend - how about you?

On Friday night Daddy and I went out with some friends for an "adult date" - I think I'll tell you more about that in a separate post.

Saturday morning while Daddy went for his crossfit workout, the kids and I tried very hard to find some garage sales (note to readers: if you list a garage sale on Craigslist - HAVE a garage sale and BE OPEN when you say you will be).  We eventually stopped by Starbucks for a Strawberries & Creme treat for the kids then took it to a new park we found with a cool train. 

Em got a bit energetic about the whipped cream and made it into mousse for her hair.  :)

Saturday evening we went up to our old stomping ground meeting family at Daddy's great aunt Zia and uncle Evo's house then walked to the junior high to watch the big fireworks show.  Matt & Alanda brought the kids, both sets of grandparents were there and cousins George, Carla, Kevin, Christine & Baby Jack were there also along with Zia & Evo.  The cousins all had so much fun playing together before the show began and they REALLY enjoyed the fireworks!

Love this one!  Miss Em could have been me 28 (I mean 29 years ago)!

My All-American Girl

Zia & Evo

McGee and Evo had so much fun together!

My little giggle-box!

The kids had SUCH a great time playing together (like they always do)!

Cousin George bought all of the kids little glow sticks that they had fun twirling around and making necklaces out of.

Grammy & Papa

I had lots of fun taking fireworks pictures this year - here are just a few

Watching the fireworks show

A fantastic finale


For the actual 4th, we went grocery shopping as a family first thing in the morning, came home and I got my dessert in the freezer then we went to the noon service at church (Daddy plays worship).  It was lots of fun hanging out with our friends afterwards too.  Came home and the kids napped then we welcomed our neighbors to our 4th of July block party.  The food, the people and the fireworks were terrific!  It was another LATE night for the kids (not in bed until 11pm and midnight the day before), but it was just what summer is all about.


  1. Looks like we could have been at the same party. I bought our kids the same glow sticks. They had a blast with them! Gotta love fun like that. The firework photos are gorgeous!
    Frizzy and Bird

  2. Love those fireworks photos! Those are so tricky to capture and you did an awesome job!!! :) Also love miss Em's dress! What a cutie!

  3. Love the fireworks shots!!!! Great job!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Thanks for the kudos on my fireworks shots - they sure were fun to get! I think the key was a very slow shutter speed and using my tripod.