Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sharing Means Caring

I'm so thankful to have my children only 2 years apart.  So close in age they are instant playmates and I hope will always be good friends and dear to one another's hearts.  However, at 2 and 4 years old, much of our time seems to be spent refereeing between the two and their idea of "sharing" leaves much to be desired. 

On some lovely days, they can color next to one another peacefully, play outside in the sandbox or with the hose in pure childhood abandon and have a tickle fight filled with giggles and laughter.  Yet other days seem to be filled with endless battles that may include screeching, whining, a hit or two, maybe even a bite (Miss Em has quite sharp teeth and poor McGee is usually the recipient).

An example of a lovely day...

It would be easy to blame all of the scuffles on Miss Em's immature 2-yr. old understanding of "sharing" - which is her taking whatever she wants and saying "Mine!".  But this would be too simple. 

Despite being 2 years older in age and somewhat in maturity as well, McGee can still sometimes be a bit possessive himself, desiring whatever it is his sister wants or has.  Their sharing troubles are a two-way street we are trying to navigate as best we can.  I'm realizing more and more what different personalities my babies  have and the challenge we have as parents taking their unique characters into consideration while parenting.

Then this week while at the farmer's market, my sweet little sunshines showed us they really do understand about sharing.  Our youngest started it by giving her last little bite of cookie to her brother.  Not only did she give it to him, she said, "Here Myles" and popped it in his mouth.  Can you say, "Awwww?"  Daddy and I did.

A few minutes later McGee and I came back to Daddy and Em after procuring our blueberries and he only had one left from his two sample berries he was given.  I thought for sure he had gobbled it up, but instead he went over to Em and said, "Do you want a blueberry Em?  I saved it for you."   Again, "Awwww."

It's just so nice when they "get it".  When they care about one another and share what they have because they know it will make the other person happy.

Then it's moment's like this photo, where I can see the love between the two of them and I know that our world is just as it should be:

Wishing you a very blessed Sunday!


  1. I love how they're sitting the exact same way while playing. Scott and his sister are two peas in a pod. They are the closest brother and sister I've ever seen and I know they fought about food, toys and other things as kids. I look forward to moments like these when Yaya's little brother or sister finally arrive.

  2. That's so wonderful about Scott and his sister. I hope my two will be that close and can't wait until Yaya gets her little brother or sister. :)

  3. I so know how you feel on this one!! We have good days and bed days but I also love watching them be friends and play together!

  4. Oh Mindy, the last picture of them taken in front of the steps at our house, brings back so many happy memories. Remember how you and your sister would have your picture taken on the door step the first day of school each year?
    After Michelle graduated, Natalie and you would
    have your picture taken on the door step. So many happy memories have happened on that door step and now your children are making memories in front of the same door step. I love the picture.
    XOXOOXO Your Mom

  5. awwwww! I love those moments too! I try to remember them in the midst of those knock down, drag em out fights.

  6. Yes mom we've had MANY wonderful memories on that front door step. Remember Kyle's and my first prom pictures (and second and third)? :) Love you!