Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay, I'm trying again.

The running shoes are out of hiding and so far I've run consistently four out of the last 5 days.

In addition, I've decided to cut out sugar and desserts once more.  No more handfuls of chocolate chips as I pass by the freezer.  No cookies, no ice cream!  Ahhh - I can do it! 

Sometimes it seems so easy.  For example, while at the Farmer's Market I bought an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for Daddy, McGee and Em to share, the Farmer's Market cookies are the best, but when Daddy offered me a bite I began to reach for it and then quickly pulled back my arm and said, "Nope, thanks anyway" and went about enjoying the festive ambience and live music.  Easy peasy.

Fast forward to a couple hours later and my afternoon sweets craving kicked into high gear and I had to work hard at not grabbing some chocolate chips out of the freezer, or dishing a bowl of ice cream or junk cereal.  After dropping the kids off in the nursery at church I had to stop myself from opening the secret drawer where our Pastor stores the Starbursts to pass along to children after church with his "special handshake".  No treats.  Not for me.  No stealing treats from the Pastor's stash either.  Nope, NOT ME!  Oops, this isn't Monday, this isn't a "Not Me!" post.  This is me sharing that I am weak for sugar, weak for treats yet trying to gain some discipline and resolve.  My body needs it - don't you know it's swimsuit season?!  Aacck!

You know I love me my tank tops too so I need to make sure I throw push-ups (lots of them) in with my running and hopefully I won't be showing off too much jiggle this summer season. :)   How about you?  Anyone else struggle with exercising and eating better?  Oh and if I sound a bit redundant, don't remind me I already attempted the Wake the Bear Workout Challenge and pretty much failed at that.  Today is a new day, I will succeed. 


  1. Good for you girl! I recently got a diagnosis that makes exercise a "have to" in order to prevent some major complications. It doesn't make it easier. But I will say that the longer you go without sugar the easier it is to resist. And then you learn to live in moderation. I had to cut out sweets for a couple weeks just to get back on track. I used fruit A LOT to quench my sweet tooth. Smoothies were the ticket for me, so maybe they will work for you too. I felt like i was eating ice cream when I used frozen fruit and whole fruit juice. :)
    I'm with you though...bathing suit season is frightening.

  2. Wishing you the best, Mindy. I personally got the working out pretty set, it's the sweets I have the major problem with. Work out like a dog and eat a ton of sweets. Not good. You, my friend, will do better than I, I foresee :)

  3. I am with you Mindy, I have been working out pretty faithfully for about 5ish weeks and haven't seen a weight change which means I am not watching what I eat! It is such a daily battle! I don't think I eat bad but apperently I do! So frustrating! One day we will get it but for now we can just do our best. Good for you for running, keep up the good work on no sugar also! ~Raeaene =)

  4. Last Sunday I began what so far has been a life altering change. I started working out again and completely changed my diet. No sugar or coke since then. NONE! Instead I'm drinking green tea and tons of water. I've also begun eating a lot more fruit and veggies. Am considering a full vegetarian diet. I had a little spaghetti with meat sauce minus the noodles Thursday and could feel it just sitting there. BIG WAKE UP CALL FOR ME. I don't like feeling that way at all. I've been walking the church parking lot while Yaya's in preschool in the mornings. In one week I lost 8 pounds. I'm hoping to lose 1-2 more per week. Gotta do something to be healthier.

    I wish you all the best and we can help support each other through our weak points.

  5. The name of the place we hiked was Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn. Have you been there before?

  6. Thank you for all of the encouragement! I will say I've already cheated and had a brownie sundae - but it was brownies made w/ applesauce and fat free frozen yogurt so only 6 weight watchers points overall. Frizzy - I am amazed at how much you've lost in just a week! Crazy and awesome! MomBrose - so true about moderation, that seems to be our motto around here too as I can't stand feeling like I "can't" eat something. Raeane - I know that I need to work on eating better and less and am hoping that combining it with the exercise will payoff much faster. Frizzy - nope we haven't been there before, but I'd love to go this summer.