Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Have you put the milk away in the pantry?  Tried to put cereal away in the fridge?  What about heading out the door forgetting to brush your teeth?  Well I have and "Not Me! Mondays" are my chance to pretend it all didn't happen and let go of the embarrassing moments of the week. 

- While tucking McGee into bed one night, I did NOT see something strange on his shelf of stuffed animals.  Upon further inspection, it was NOT an old blacked banana peel sitting on his blue stuffed bear.  Completely perplexed, I did NOT ask McGee where this came from and he did NOT say, "Oh I threw it up there."  Nope, NOT my boy!

 - I have NOT been staying up past midnight for the last week straight and I am NOT at all tired because of it.  However, I will say my body has adjusted to this schedule now and I'm not really tired anymore and I wake up on my own before the kids.

 - McGee did NOT get put in timeout during childcare at church Wednesday night.  I did NOT find out about it from our little friend Sammie who told us as we were chatting after class.  When she started to tell us about it, McGee did NOT hold up his hand towards her and say, "No!" as if blocking out what she was about to say.  Apparently he had some trouble sharing and "had to sit and think about it" for awhile. :)

 - Being the disciplined, self-controlled person that I am, I did NOT already cheat on my "no sugar" decision and have a brownie (made w/ applesauce) sundae with fat free frozen yogurt.  It was the same # of Weight Watchers points as a bowl of cereal so I did NOT rationalize it to myself as being "okay".

This blog carnival was started by MckMama and you can see what she and others have NOT been doing right here.


  1. Mindy, these always make me laugh out loud :).

  2. Love the banana peel. If it makes you feel any better I found out today that Yaya was sent to Ms. Dawn's office because she couldn't follow instructions. LAST WEEK! Yeah! I found out from the guilty little one who decided to come clean this morning on the way to school. Sigh. We said a prayer and turned on our listening ears this morning before we walked into the school.

  3. Thank you for walking beside me and laughing out loud with my Shannon Joy! :)

    Frizzy - that is too fun about Yaya! What an honest little heart she has. :)