Monday, May 31, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This Not Me! Monday blog carnival was started by MckMama as a way of confessing some of our more embarrassing moments from the week.  I don't believe she is linking up this week, but I had plenty of moments I decided to share anyway!
- During breakfast one morning, I did NOT see Miss Em find an old green bean in her bib pocket and then chuck it across the room!

 - We did NOT have to spend TWO hours at the doctors waiting for Miss Em to urinate so they could test for a UTI.  She did NOT finally go immediately after I promised to go to the park if she would just go potty!  Nope, I never bribe my kids to do things.  Never.

 - After a thoroughly unenjoyable time at Target with a cranky Miss Em who insisted I carry her the entire time, I did NOT put her down to load everything onto the conveyor belt and did NOT turn around to find she and McGee had both opened and were eating packages of Peanut M&Ms.  After putting my pile of coupons at the end of the conveyor belt and grabbing their bags of candy to (unhappily) pay for, Miss Em did NOT start choking on one of the Peanut M&Ms.  While trying to help her stop choking, I didn't watch the checker ring up my items and coupons and was greatly dismayed when I arrived home and saw that he double charged me for a $5 item and didn't take off a $5 coupon.  Therefore I did NOT have to drive back to Target as soon as Daddy came home and when I started explaining that I was there earlier and what happened the customer service man did NOT say, "Of course I remember YOU, how could I forget?!"  Apparently we did NOT make a big crazy impression on the staff at Target that day.

 - Later in the week as I was looking for a line to checkout from at Costco, a checker with a "CLOSED" sign on his register waved me over and said, "Oh you can come over, I'll help you out."  I thought he was just being nice, but then he did NOT say, "I see you in here all the time."  I guess there is NO denying I go to Costco a LOT.

 - After a nap Saturday McGee did NOT come in and say to me, "Are you ready to get up and be HAPPY mom?"  I guess I WASN'T a bit cranky before my nap. :)

 - Miss Em did NOT have fun getting in Mommy's intimates drawer and dressing herself in my undies.  Nope this girl NEVER finds pure joy in putting other people's underwear on. 

 - With above said undies all around her, I did NOT hear her say, "I went poo-poo" and go to find her starting to go (or so I thought).  I rushed her to the toilet and as I'm waiting and hoping she'll finish it up on the toilet, she did NOT also go pee-pee which squirted out the front all over the bathroom floor.  Later after putting both kids to bed I did NOT find she had already gone poo-poo on the dining room floor. :(  NOPE, no potty training issues at our house this week.  NONE at all.  Note to self:  Place Miss Em further back on the toilet seat.

 - While pulling into a friend's house for a big birthday party, in attempts to avoid hitting a woman standing in the middle of a driveway, I did NOT pull the car too close to a red wooden fencepost and nearly knock it down when trying to back up.  I do NOT now have red paint on my white car.

I'm pretty sure I had a few more Not Me! moments this week, but can't remember them off the top of my head and the above seems like plenty confessin' for one day. :)


  1. These had me rolling!! :) I love the panties picture - that is hilarious!! She must crack you up all the time - how fun :) Sorry to hear she choked; that must have been so scary. What a week!

  2. When I saw that she got into your panties I thought "well at least she didn't put them on her head" until I looked closer and saw that she INDEED had some on her head! That's when I lost it!! She is a little crackup!

  3. Jaimie - I can't tell you how right you are! Em has us laughing constantly! Her underwear on her head obsession is so crazy and she is fully a physical comedian because her looks and movements she does and gives us are unreal they are so funny. I'm not sure how I feel about having a stand up comedian or entertainer for a daughter, but I wouldn't be surprised. :)

    Her choking was a bit scary but ended up not being too bad. I even realized I forgot a couple of things so I'll have to include them next week. :)

  4. TOTALLY cracking me up!!!! LOVE these!!!!!

  5. WOW Mindy, I don't know where to start!! Those were great!! I am sorry it was one of those weeks! That is alot in one week!
    I don't know if it would help but we put Jared on the toilet seat backwords. I don't know if that would help her or not.
    I am not even close to being ready to potty train Grant! You are brave! haha!
    Hope this week is a better one although I do love reading about your crazy weeks!
    Thank God for kiddo's!! hehe! ~Raeane =)