Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Must-Haves

It's been awhile since I've posted any Monday Must-Haves, life has been busy and I haven't thought about too many things that are "must-haves" in my life, but today it is coming back!

1)  Power Drill - It doesn't have to be the biggest, most expensive drill (although I love Daddy's 18v DeWalt), but having a power drill can save you forearms and save you time.  It wasn't until I spent an hour dismantling as much as I could from our double-stroller (long story I'll probably tell you sometime) and only thought about getting out the drill for the last 15 or so of the 44 screws that the Power Drill became a MUST-HAVE and provided sweet relief for my weary forearms.  Power Drills just do it better and faster!

2)  Summer Gardens & Home Grown Goodness - I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, there is nothing better than eating food from your own garden.  Ours is starting to take off and I'm looking forward to eating our beans, peppers, squash and tomatoes.

3) Laundry Help - Forget about child labor laws.  Every child should be able to participate in helping keep the household running smoothly - no matter how small.  Helping fold laundry is a great way to start them young.  Be forewarned though, little ones like to have fun and with a basket full of clean clothes they may not actually be a lot of help

4)  Daddy wearing pink bunny ears around the house all morning to amuse the kids - priceless!


  1. Love it! Nevaeh helped me with the laundry this morning too. Watching her lean inside the dryer over and over grabbing one item out at a time cracked me up. "Here mommy. Here's another sock. Here's daddy's underwear." Made my heart happy.

  2. Those are good ones! I'm working on a garden post too! :D

  3. HaHa - I bet that was great Frizzy! Looking forward to your garden post MomBrose. :)