Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crash-tastic Day

Well it has been a doozy of a day here at the Sunshine House!  It started off with a BANG (literally) at 6:20 this morning when the shelf in Miss Em's room CRASHED from the wall to the ground.  We ran in to find her room covered in pink ceramic shards and money all over from her shattered piggy bank.  Thankfully none of it went in her crib and I'm always careful never to place the kids' beds under any shelves so she wasn't hurt.  It was so strange for the screws to just come from the wall and have it all crash down.  Now all of her hard saved money is sitting nicely in an old pickle jar.  I would have taken pictures (oh you know I would have), but I stayed up until a little after 1am this morning and after only about 5 hours of sleep I was hardly thinking straight. 

In fact, after the big CRASH, Daddy and I shot upright in bed and he asked, "What was that?".  I said, "I don't know" and crashed back down into my snuggle, soft bed for more sleep.  He got up and investigated so I eventually pulled myself out of my slumber and assisted a bit with the clean-up and keeping McGee (our happy early riser) from getting into the mess.

At 9:30 this morning I photographed a large group - 15 in all!  It was a very cute set of grandparents, their 3 children and their families.  We tried a new location and walked quite a bit.  I had some trouble with the lighting and shadows, but it was a fun morning and I hope they'll be happy with their pictures. 

After the shoot I ran some errands (kid-free!) while Daddy enjoyed the day with the kiddos.  As they were walking home after leaving my brother and sister-in-laws from a short visit, Miss Em CRASHED while running down their driveway.  Daddy said it was horrible when he heard her head hit the pavement and yet after about 10 seconds of crying she was smiling and fine again.  Too bad her bump on her head and scratched up nose couldn't recover just as fast.

While the kids were down for nap and quiet time, Daddy accidentally ran his shoulder into a framed picture of the kids by our front entry and it CRASHED to the ground and broke, shattering the glass and breaking the frame in two.  Fortunately the picture wasn't damaged, but it looks like I'll need to grab a Michael's coupon and replace the frame.

After the frame crash, I took a nice nap and Daddy watched our nephew and had fun playing with all three of the crazy kids.  I woke up in time to make some breakfast for dinner, bathe the kids while Daddy did dishes and now the kids are safely (crash-free) in bed and I'm enjoying some online time.  It was a long but fun day and I'm hoping nothing else goes "CRASH" tonight!  Hope you are having a great Saturday too!


  1. Crash-tastic is right!!! WHOA!!! Hope tomorrow will be better :). Glad everyone is ok.

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is crazy!! Glad you are all okay.

  3. Not the way any of us like to wake up in the morning. YIKES!

    I'm glad your day turned out well. I think the crashes should be over. You had 3 in one day. Here's to a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a day! Sorry about sweet Em. boo. I am so thrilled your shoot went well, though! I can't wait to see the shots!! Crazy!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm glad everyone is ok. Too bad about miss Em's head and nose but it's so great when kids are resilient :D
    Hope today was uneventful for you!!

  6. You're right Frizzy, we always say in my family that things happen in 3's. So far no crashes today (Sunday)! :) Oh, well except...maybe you'll have to read my Not Me! Monday that I'm sure I'll be doing this week. :)