Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I'm linking up to MckMama's Not Me! Monday again, a moment for me to confess all the things I and the kids didn't do this past week.

 - I did NOT find our 10 cent money sorter stuffed with string cheese (wonder which 2 yr. old in our home did that??). 

 - I do NOT frequently walk the streets of my neighborhood in my pajamas, or pajama bottoms at least.  Oh the joys of having my brother and sister-in-law living only a few doors down.

 - I did NOT wear a new updo hairstyle 3 days in a row to avoid having to spend the time blow-drying my hair after showering.

  - After only a few hours of sleep thanks to allergy induced insomnia and bouts of coughing and very little nasal breathing, our Monday morning did NOT include me opening the door to a gal from PG&E, completely clueless that I'd forgotten our appointment we were supposed to have right then.  I was NOT still decked out in my red Christmas pajamas and absolutely did NOT wear them throughout our entire 1/2 hour meeting.  In addition, Miss Em was NOT running around shirtless, nope, my kids are always dressed and ready to go first thing in the morning.

  - I did NOT DVR and watch the entire 4 hours (less actually minus commercials) of the LOST series finale last night.  There is NO WAY I watch that much television or get that involved in a show that I would actually cry over it.  Not to mention when it was over I would NEVER jump online to FB or other forums to try and figure out what exactly happened in the finale.

Well I think that about covers it for this week.  Have a safe, blessed week and enjoy the weather - whatever it "May" be!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Mindy. I will keep your family and your husband's job search in my prayers.
    - Brooke

  2. hey! thanks for stopping in over at The Smittys! I love the PJs at the door! Something I totally would've done!

  3. I have another cute style that you would look good in if you want. It's easy and always looks nice.

    I'll be sending you that link for DODs during Yaya's nap.

  4. Love reading these! Loved the one pic of the updo from your other blog. purty.

  5. How I adore reading these!! you have such a great way of looking at life :)

  6. Love this post. definitely enjoying all the things you DID NOT do! ;)

  7. I always love reading these comments gals and I'm so glad you enjoy the posts! :)