Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm so very excited today!  This morning I opened my email to find out I'd received my first Blog Award!  This Kreativ Blogger Award was given to me by the wonderful Hallee at Hallee the Homemaker.  You really should check out her blog as it is full of interesting, encouraging, educating, and inspiring information.  I love her saying "Home is where the Maker is" - so true and it helps me to keep the right attitude and perspective about serving all of those in my home.  I'm honored to receive this award as it was presented to 7 of us and the other 6 blogs are fantastic and definitely worth your time so go take a look.  Hallee also does a splendid job sharing about the history of this award.  Thank you Hallee for thinking of me and crowning me a Kreativ Blogger!

As a recipient I am supposed to nominate 7 other blogs for this award and they are as follows (I'm going with a Vanguard/SCC theme as the first 5 are all college alums of mine):

    1.  Amy @ Amy's Creative Side - I've enjoyed reconnecting with Amy since I began blogging, Amy has mad quilting skills and her blog has gone BIG TIME thanks to her great writing, inspiring work and First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival last Spring.  Amy, her husband Joe and her oldest daughter were our neighbors the first year we were married and we had lots of fun dinners and hangout time - she even helped me on my first big quilt (I am definitely NOT the quilting whiz she is)! 

   2.  MomBrose @ Triple Blessings - MomBrose's two younger girls are similar in age to my two children and I've had so much fun reading about them in her blog and relating to the different stages of our children and parenting.  She recently did a great series called "What's for Dinner?"  that you should click over and checkout if you're tired of making the same old thing each night.

  3.  Melissa @ Evelyn Fields - Melissa was on my floor freshman year and in my quad sophomore year and we had lots of fun together in all of our business classes and going for runs on the beach (sometimes followed with frozen yogurt at America's Cup).  Sitting in class I was always blown away by her never-ending doodles, this girl has always been super creative and talented and has been able to turn that into a successful business with her Etsy shop.  Her daughter is just a few months younger than McGee and she's a country girl at heart just like me.  Her blog highlights her sewing designs and creations and her journey to natural living.

   4.  Jaimie @ The Wonder Years -  Jaimie and her husband Martin are both Vanguard alums and I really appreciate the encouragement and inspiration I receive from her blog and how she challenges me to be a better mom, a better person.

   5.  Beana @ Our Three Bean Circus - This Pastor and mama to three girls was my RA (Resident Assistant) freshman year in college.  The 2nd floor was the coolest floor by far and she was a great RA.  You'll want to hear about her challenges and successes in balancing work and motherhood, exercising and babywearing.

  6.  Lisa @ Smiley's Sweets and Creations - Lisa was not a college alum of mine, but she did get married at Needham Chapel on my college's campus and this happened while I was there so I think it counts.  It's crazy thinking I probably walked right past their wedding on my way across campus one Saturday and here we are years later friends and encouragers to one another!  Be warned:  viewing Lisa's blog will make you hungry, very hungry and if you have a sweet-tooth don't visit during any sugar cravings!  She is incredibly talented as a baker and has been exploring the world of photography as well.  You especially don't want to miss her famous Little Slider Cupcakes which have been featured in Woman's Day magazine!

   7.  Alicia @ Ribbons and Roughnecks -  This is my only non-alum related blogging friend listed but she has become one of my closest friends the last few years and I always appreciate the inspiration I receive from her in regards to home organization, crafting, parenting and friendship.  She donated one of her burp cloths for my first giveaway and that is the generous type of person she is - always looking for ways to help others out.  I'm the lucky owner of one of her book bags and I adore these little penguins.  For two years now my children have been blessed with special shirts for their birthdays from Alicia.  If you want crafty inspiration on fun things to do/make with your kids or for others then her blog is a great place to take a peek! 

(Had to find some way to sneak pictures of the kids into this post)

Have a spectacular Saturday - mine is going great!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your children are beautiful. Thanks for the kind words you left, too.

  2. Aw!! Thanks!! So what do I do now?? Do I nominate 7 also?? :)

  3. by the way, I love those shirts with the "age" on them!! What a great idea!!

  4. Congratulations on your award! And thanks for nominating me! :) Love your background too!

  5. Thanks, Mindy. How sweet of you! I am honored. Woot!

    Speaking of Vanguard, while we were down south for Easter, we went to a Good Friday breakfast and their choir performed. They were incredible! Just amazing. I keep wanting to tell you, but haven't caught up with you. It was a treat!

  6. Lisa - that's so nice you were able to hear their choir! Vanguard has always had an amazing music department. :) Hope to catch up with you soon!

  7. Thank you friend! I am very humbled and honored :) Thanks for you encouragment(and help)starting my blog.

  8. Hey do i get this on my blog? thanks so much!