Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another week and another "Not Me! Monday".  This fun blog carnival was started by MckMama and you can head on over to her blog to see what she and everybody else have NOT been doing this week.  If you are visiting here for the first time from MckMama's blog, feel free to click on my header for the homepage or here and see all the things I could be posting about.

 - This week I did NOT accidentally lock my husband out of the house and the dogs in their run for a few hours while I went to a class (the kids were with Grandma & Grandpa).  Nope, I am NOT a creature of habit and flipping those locks is NOT something I do each and every time I leave the house.  Fortunately Daddy was supposed to be jamming with a guy in our garage and already had his guitar and amp out their so they entertained themselves until I got home.

 - Thrifty gal that I am, I did NOT have to give $87 of our hard earned money to a plumber thanks our daughter's adventurous nature.

 - While celebrating my Grandma's birthday at her house, my Auntie Carla did NOT mistake a horribly strong smelling perfume for hairspray, and proceed to cover her hair (and the house) with this not so pleasant scent.

- I did NOT get all of this for just $35.51!  I am NOT that girl who coupon clips and tries to get the best deal.  This may not seem like a good deal to you, but for 2 gallons of milk, 5 boxes of cereal (large size), 1 Marie Calendar salad dressing, 2 boces of whole grain pasta (hidden but just in front of the cereal), 2 packages of Oscar Meyer Deli fresh turkey lunch meat, 5 bags of Nut Clusters, 2 packages of strawberries, 3 apples, 4 onions, 1 folding brush (perfect for the diaper bag and much needed), package of small hair ties (hope to use these on Em's hair soon!), and 7 sticks of deodorant - I thought this was a great deal!

 - Oh and I did NOT get the addition of the Excedrin and 2 Right Guard deodorants (bottom right corner) for only $3 more!

 - My sweet, perfect, obedient daughter is NOT going through and rearranging my recipe box as I sit here writing this.  Upside is I can see her and know that the recipe box is the only thing being the moment. :)

 - Miss Em did NOT just pour her cereal (dry, not wet) in my recipe box.  :(

That's all for this week.  Hope you had a blessed weekend and that your week is full of sunshine and joy!


  1. Good job on the shopping! I love deals!! Totally cracking up at the cereal in the recipe box. She and Bailey would be the best of friends (and troublemakers).

  2. What a bargain girl you are!! I must say, this made me giggle out loud because I can SO relate :)!!

  3. Oh... by the way... Love your blog's new look!

  4. Thanks gals - isn't it nice to have friends that we can relate to? :) Shannon - thanks for the blog compliment, did I ever tell you I like your new design too?