Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

MckMama started this blog carnival, but although she is doing a "Not Me! Monday", my week had many more "Not My Child!" moments so I decided to post this instead.  You can check over at MckMama's to see what everyone else didn't do this week.

- It wasn't MY darling daughter who got into our salt container and made a big mess.  When I came in from the garage and attempted to seize the salt, she did NOT run off and continue with a trail of salt across our dining room floor.  Did I mention she was NOT in her birthday suit and moments previously had NOT been running around with a pair of her brother's (clean) underwear around her head?

 - After watching a touching episode of Third Watch about a little 2 year old girl that was missing, Daddy did NOT say, "Awww, I want to go hold my children now."  We did NOT then proceed to go check on each of our lovelies.  We did NOT find McGee asleep sitting on the armrest of the chair next to his bed with his head resting on his bed.  Daddy did NOT pick him up and tuck him into bed and under the covers.  This morning when I told McGee what happened he did NOT say, "That's how I like to sleep, sitting on my chair.  It wasn't Daddy's choice to put me in bed, I didn't want to be in bed.  Daddy needs to say he's sorry because it wasn't his choice."

 - My son did NOT wake up at 4:45 one morning and shout out from his bed, "Mommy - I'm all done!  It's time to play."  Um, no, it was not time to play! 

 - I did NOT overhear my son playing parent and telling my daughter, "No, no baby, we don't do that.  Do you promise you won't do it again?"  Miss Em, "Yeah, I promise."

- While I went to collect the dirty laundry and left Miss Em to finish her lunch, I did NOT come back to find THIS mess :

McGee did NOT then proceed to enjoy running and sliding through the peas, carrots and apples mess!

Well that's all for this week of Not My Childs!.  Have a super week!


  1. I'm told we'll miss the messes....I'm not sure I agree :D

  2. Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure I'll miss the mess, but I know once they're in school I'll definitely miss these nice days at home together.

  3. Mindy, I am doing a slideshow for my MOPS group entitled "one of those days". Can I use 2 of these pictures? They are hilarious and would fit right in (the ones of the floor). Just let me know. Thanks!!

  4. Oh those are so cute!! Love the pictures!!!