Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing Pains...for You and for Me

My Dearest McGee,

Tonight you awoke once again.  This time it was your legs that hurt (possibly growing pains).  I must admit there are very few nights you actually let us sleep all the way through without some odd hour wake up from you. Whether it be from being scared, in pain or just wanting to play and NOT wanting to sleep, it seems that staying asleep is what you call "a hard thing to do".  Lately we've allowed you to skip naptime in exchange for "quiet playtime" and I've been trying to get you outside in the sunshine to absorb as much Vitamin D and fresh air as possible, yet you continue to wake up.  It is hit or miss, as occasionally we do have a normal (what's normal anymore anyway?) night where we put you to bed and you sleep undisturbed until around 7:00 am.  Oh how I love those nights!  

Despite the frustrations and stresses of the day, the fact that I wanted to be in my comfy bed, snuggled between my flannel sheets and sound asleep, there I sat in the chair next to your bed, holding you.  As I cradled you in my arms and saw your eyelids slowly flutter closed with your hands clasped around your blankie and your head leaning on me, I couldn't help but be thankful for this little moment where I could look down upon you and see the perfection God had created.  You are truly beautiful, an amazing, wondrous creation that God blessed this earth with.  While I sat and listened to your breathing ever so subtly become slower and deeper, I knew that this was a divine appointment, a chance for me to hold my little boy who rarely wants to sit still anymore, to feel the love that you give so freely and accept the blessing of motherhood in all of it's many forms.  How many more opportunities will I have to hold you as you fall asleep?  You're getting older, you so desperately want to be a "big boy", but my heart rejoices in moments like this when my independent, stubborn, preschooler with an attitude, calls out to me and wants only to sleep in my arms.  

I love you sweet boy and am praying for you.  I'm praying for you to grow up to be a man who loves the Lord, a man with the tender heart you have shown us, but a strength to always do what is right and stand up for your faith and the people you love.  I'm also praying for you to be healthy and grow to be strong.  I'm praying for you to sleep more (I just read tonight that kids who sleep more get better grades) and for us to be wise and Godly parents.  Please remember that we are always praying for wisdom, but Mommy & Daddy are still human, which means we're imperfect and we WILL make mistakes (plenty of them).  Always know how much we love you and we are always wanting to do what is best for you.

I love you my son.  Sweet dreams.

Love Always, Mommy


  1. What a sweet post! Will mr. mcgee eat bananas? Those helped with our girls growing pains a LOT. Also, there's a childrens melatonin that we gave to little miss Skylar a few time to get her sleeping patterns back to normal. Praying you find a solution soon. Until then, it's nice to see you enjoying those precious middle of the night moments...

  2. Thanks for the suggestion of the bananas, I've been trying to get him to eat some as much as I can this last week.