Friday, January 29, 2010

Time Out

I'm thinking of taking a "time out" from the computer this weekend, but wanted to leave you with some pictures from our fun day in the short bit of sunshine we received.

McGee was having a BLAST with the hose

Oh the joys of little boys and what they find fun!

"Mommy look - I'm making the grass grow!" Little did he know the next day (today) we would be receiving lots of rain to help with that "growing"

Miss Em was outside for a bit too...until McGee sprayed her with the hose.  After that she came inside where I got her some dry clothes and she enjoyed the opportunity to play with all of her brother's cars.

Never has she had the chance to play with the cars ALL by herself!

She kept driving the cars under her leg, it was so much fun to watch her playing

Then she started playing dress-up with her two new hats!  The pink one came from my friend Kelsey at FuzzyDudz and the brown one I won as a blog giveaway prize through Noggins .  They are both so cute on her, but she seems to love the pink one most of all and has been wearing all day today.

Watching McGee...from a safe distance and with a little protective glass to boot!

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Those hats are precious! Love them! :) That sweet face of hers is just yummy :D
    What is it with kids and a hose?! My kids would play with it all afternoon if I let them! :D