Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 52: Week 4

Just to keep you updated, my newest post for Project 52 is up over on my photography blog.  If you want to check it regularly, I plan to post for Project 52 every Thursday night.

Sorry for such a short post, but after BOTH kids keeping me up last night I am in need of some rest and heading off to bed.  Night, night!

PS - Thank you Miss Em for all of the snuggles around 3 am this morning, even if I made you go back to sleep in your crib, I still enjoyed the priceless time spent rocking you.  Also Mr. McGee - despite not settling down for sleep in daddy's and my bed, thank you for letting me sleep with you from about 4 am - 7 am this morning.  It was interesting waking up to you sitting in the chair next to your bed whispering, "Mommy, the clock says it's time for you to get up."  It felt as if you'd been sitting there awhile, quietly watching me, just waiting until the right moment that you should wake me up.

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