Friday, November 27, 2009


Forgive the randomness of this post.  I'm attempting to catch up and add in posts for all of the special holidays and moments I never got a chance to post about these last couple of months.  The first is Thanksgiving.

Every year my parents host Thanksgiving at their house with all of the family and we have a wonderful time. Daddy has done the turkey a few times, but this year Auntie Michelle and Uncle Jim made it and although I didn't get much, I heard it was very tasty.

Grandma serving up some of her yummy fudge

Michelle busy in the kitchen

Three Generations - see any resemblance?

This girl - I do adore her and her awesome turkey shirt my friend Jeni made (checkout all her cute creations on her website).

Grandma - happiest with a baby in her arms

McGee took off his socks and thought he wanted to go the water was a bit chilly.

Darling Cousins

Oh the fun that can be had with a brother, a sister and a wagon!

Oh and don't forget the fun you can have with doggie doors!

Such sweet moments between Auntie Carla and her special Hannah.

Food + Family = Thanksgiving

Watching the video of cousins Dwayne, Nick & Uncle Tommy skydiving.  Now my cautious McGee wants to go skydiving and has me playing on his bed  - aka "The Airplane" and pretending to jump off and "skydive".  Please don't ever actually ask me to do this in real life sweet boy, I just don't think I could do it.

My Tether Ball Cutie Patootie (anyone remember this tether ball from my Elementary & Jr. High pool parties?)

Thank you Lord for all of our abundant blessings.

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