Friday, November 27, 2009

"Sweet" Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday" is really exciting for me, a gal who LOVES to shop for deals!  I don't line up the night before, but I don't mind standing in line to checkout if I think the deals are worth it.  This year I debated whether to go out as I had most of my Christmas shopping done and really didn't need anything, but in the end my urge for deals won out and I ran to Kohl's just to see what deals there were.  I found some great deals on toys but didn't buy a ton.

When the kids woke up from nap we baked some Cowboy Cookies.  At first I was planning on baking the cookies, but suddenly I had two little soux bakers begging to help and so I graciously obliged.  It was lots of fun

After baking the cookies we walked down - four doors down to be exact-  to Uncle Matt & Auntie Alanda's for dinner and playtime

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  1. Those are precious pictures!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE miss Em's facial expressions!!