Saturday, November 28, 2009

Music to My Heart

After Thanksgiving Daddy drove Grandma & Grandpa's truck home to our house with their piano in the back. That's right, we have a piano now. This was the piano I grew up with. The one where I was told at 5 years old that my "hands were too small" by a piano teacher. The ivory keys that felt so good to my fingers even though I rarely put in the practice or learned to read music very well. this piano was my father's grandmother's, we believe she taught piano at some point on it and it must be at least 100 years old since my grandmother (my dad's mother) would be nearing 100 if she were alive (she passed away long before I was born).

I wasn't sure where in our home we'd find room for the piano, but I have come to LOVE having it and find it's place perfect, as it's in the middle of all of the activity and not hidden away in our office/music room like I had originally intended. McGee and Miss Em really enjoy sitting and trying to play. McGee especially enjoyed when we'd sit down and play Christmas songs, especially "Away In A Manger" which he was practicing for the Children's Christmas Show at church, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and "We Three Kings".

McGee has surprised us already in how quickly he picks up the keys and sounds and how intently he studies the music trying to "read" it. We're looking forward to many memories made around the piano.

I love this picture and his sweet smile

So excited to have her chance to play!

Trying so hard to read the music

A duet

True music to my heart...

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