Saturday, December 5, 2009

Traditional Day

Oh my stars! I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted a "normal" post about the goings on here at the Sunshine House! How do you like that, "The Sunshine House"? Sometimes it's the Sunshine Nuthouse and sometimes the Sunshine Sick House (like this last week) and sometimes just the good 'ole, relaxed Silly and Sappy Sunshine House. Even in the dreariest of days I can find LOTS of sunshine in our home when I look into the eyes and smiles of the ones I love most.

Anywho...back on track. It's been awhile since I've sat here and posted and of course there are lots of things I haven't recorded...such a Thanksgiving, which is definitely a "record-worthy" holiday and event in the lives of my children that I SHOULD journal (aka: blog) about, and I will...when I have time. :) I think writing at midnight makes me more prone to run-on sentences, although I think I've always been a bit weak when it comes to run-ons.

Today I spent the morning trudging around in the frozen, muddy aisles of a nursery doing some consulting work for the CPA firm I used to work for in Anaheim. It was my 7th year (I cannot believe we moved that LONG ago) and it was enjoyable as always. I love the fresh air mixed with ALL kinds of flora and the early morning frost and fog that tends to join us each year. Most of all I LOVE the additional bit of greenery (cash) it brings in for our family each year.

This afternoon we enjoyed our third year of going to cut down our Christmas tree with our good friend's the Vogeli's. We go to a hole-in-the-mountain family owned place that sells any tree for $20! Ryan's family has been going there for years and since Daddy and Ryan's families grew up together, it's only right we continue this tradition on together. McGee has this tradition firmly planted in his mind as I've found out over the last few weeks.

- When leaving the Vogeli's house a few weeks ago we took a different route than we would normally go on our way home. From the backseat McGee said, "We're going the Jingle Bell way." "What?" I say. "The Jingle Bell way. You know where we had coffee and cookies and stuff." OH! I can't believe he was remembering the last time we left their house that direction, LAST year on our way to cut down our Christmas tree. You see after riding the tractor to the top of the hill, selecting our tree and having them haul it down, we enjoy sitting on the tailgates and sipping some hot cocoa and coffee while nibbling got it - cookies!

- Last week McGee and Miss Em helped me in making gingersnap cookies for our outing (we were supposed to go last Saturday but the wind gusts were just too much for us to go). After our tree cutting day was postponed McGee asked me, "Are you still going to make us gingersnaps for getting our tree?" "Yes" I said. "Well you need to make sure we also make cookies with M&Ms on them too because that is what we eat up there with the coffee and trees." Indeed, last year Elizabeth DID buy cookies with M&Ms in them, but really - was it that big of an event that he is remembering it so clearly a whole YEAR later? Apparently so!

You see that is just how some traditions start, seemingly meaningless actions and activities that become treasured and special. Something you yearn to recreate year after year. Coming from a family that is BIG on traditions, it's fun starting to create our own unique traditions now with our own children. What are some of your fondest traditions (holiday or not)?

Oh were you hoping I'd share some pictures from our treasured day? Well since you asked so nicely.... here you go. Oh and please tell me (in the nicest way possible) - does the down red vest make me look 10 lbs. heavier or is it just me and my insecurities and the holiday treats I've already started enjoying?


  1. I think you look fantastic! :) Glad to see you back. I Missed you :D

    My kids are the same way...they remember the tiniest little thing, and those DO become tradition.

  2. Thanks MomBrose! You are always so sweet.