Friday, December 11, 2009

Silly Em

When God blessed us with a second child, a girl, I thought, "Oh boy - now I'm going to have to be all girly." Well now nearly 20 months later I'm seeing I may not have to be so girly afterall (except on those occasions I choose to be)! Miss Em has shown herself to be interested in all things big brother including cars, trucks, and she even shows more affinity for balls than brother ever has. She also has a greater desire to get good and dirty, something brother has never been a huge fan of.

Feeling a little under the weather this week, but it hasn't slowed her down

Miss Em has brought baby-proofing to a whole new level with her climbing, adventurous and mischievous ways. There is nothing this girl won't try to get into and most of the time she succeeds moments before Mommy is there to ruin her fun. Lately it has been Mommy's make-up, under the bathroom sinks (good thing I don't keep any cleaners in there) or the pantry - I never knew how exciting marshmallows are for little ones!

Trying to eat a crayon

To complement her mischief - Miss Em is a funny, funny girl! A friend of mine worked in Em's class on Tuesday at Mom's Connection and said, "She was so great - you can really tell she has a great sense of humor!" So true! With a tilt of her head and a pull of her face, Miss Em loves to be silly and make you smile.

Oh the many faces of Em!

Remember this post? She still has a fascination for putting underwear on her head and running around. Fortunately she can't reach into the laundry hampers so anything she does find is clean, but still, where did she come up with this? Just last night she had a blast with some bloomers she found in her drawer and then right before bed I found her rummaging in brother's underwear drawer. Could the undies on the head be symbolic of a fun-loving, comedic jester of the Sunshine House Court?

One thing about having a girl though...she has definitely shown that girls are DRAMA QUEENS! This girl can throw a tizzy fit like no other that I've seen. Don't let her get her way and WATCH OUT! Arms flail, teeth nash, bottom lip quivers and buckets of tears may fall.

Always so determined to get what she wants

Despite these drama queen outbursts, my favorite part of having a girl is the wonderfully cuddly, affectionate part that just wants to be held, snuggled and loved on by all. Often she can be a Mommy's girl, but sometimes she'll reach out to Grammy, Grandma, Auntie, or some of Mommy's friends and want to be loved on by them. Miss Em has particulary seemed to adopt my friend Alicia, mother to two boys, as her mother-in-law that she loves dearly. Not sure if it's because Alicia is petite and blondish like Mommy or because she feels Alicia needs some girl loving sometimes, but it's always sweet to see the way Miss Em adores her.

I love you my sweet, silly, spunky, rambunctious and spirited girl!


  1. That pouty lip is AWESOME! I see a lot of similarities in her and Bailey! :) Those two together could get into some real trouble :D
    I was the same way. i have an older brother (2 years older) and I was never girly. Still not girly unless I choose to be :D
    Thanks for this great post. I love seeing your silly little monkey :D

  2. I love your silly girl and so glad that she loves me too! We miss you guys. Let's hang out soon.

  3. Hi! I love your blogg, and your kids are very very beatiful!

  4. Awww, she is adorable! And so much of that sounds like my lil' M - climbing, trains, throwing balls, kicking balls, trying to be funny all the time ... and yes, lots of loves n' cuddles too :)