Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Winning Month

All my life in our family I've heard, "things always come in threes". Good or bad, this has typically turned out to be true. As a believer trusting and knowing that God is in control of ALL things, I have no need for superstition or "luck", and yet this month it seems this statement is again TRUE! I have won 3 blog giveaways this month - THREE! Can you tell how excited I am? This post is just to recognize how grateful I am for my blessings.

The first and second I told you about here, but the third I just won this past Saturday! Angie, a friend of mine (a friend of a friend really who I always enjoying seeing and chatting with) started The Creative Mama earlier this year and it had MUCH success, but sadly (for her readers) she found needed to take a step back from TCM for a bit and devote more time to her beautiful family (she has a couple of boys around my childrens' ages). Fortunately for her readers, this time off was short-lived and The Creative Mama came back full-throttle as a wonderful community of women photographers, organizers, creators, visionaries and writers, ready to share an abundance of inspiration, creativity, and encouragement! This is truly a website you NEED to visit (and be sure to check out Angie's archives for some great reads).

Recently The Creative Mama had a giveaway for a 1-year subscription to Clickin' Moms , an online community of women with a passion for photography. I've been wanting to join for a few months now, but a 1-year subscription is $50 (well worth it I'm sure) and we just don't have that kind of extra money laying around for me to spend when there are lots of FREE photography forums out there for me to join. However I continued to hear amazing things about this community of women and I even wondered to myself, "Can I ask for money towards Clickin' Moms as a Christmas present?"

Fast-forward to Saturday night when I came home from my girls getaway in the City to find an email from Angie letting me know how excited she was that I'd won the Clickin' Moms subscription! I went to TCM and sure enough - I had won!!! I can't tell you how excited I was - all Daddy heard was a bunch of somewhat coherent (I was very tired from the fun trip) jibberish from me and he saw lots of smiles. I drifted off to a very happy night's sleep... thank you
The Creative Mama and Clickin' Moms, I can't wait to dig in and really become a part of this cool community of photographers!

And because I haven't posted many pictures lately I thought I'd share a few from our impromptu lunch at the park earlier this week.

Oh I'm sorry...did you want HAPPY pictures??? Okay well I guess I can try to find a few with smiles for you. Please notice the super cute headbands on Miss Em - they're crafted by Kelsey an old classmate and teammate of mine and she sells some adorable hats and booties for children on her
website and Etsy store called FuzzyDudz. You won't find the headbands yet (I need to photograph them all first), but I'm sure you'll love her wooly creations.


  1. Congratulations! That's AWESOME! (Although I think it was totally reasonable to ask for that subscription for Christmas. Goodness, I'm asking for a whole camera!) :D
    Love the pouty face on miss Em. We see that face around here often!

  2. Mindy what a wonderful post, thank you for all the sweet things you've said about us. SO happy that you won - it always warms my heart when chooses someone I know IRL ;)

    Have fun!!

  3. Cool blog. Met you on Clickinmom's. Have a great day!

  4. Hey Diana - thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to get to know you better at Clickin' Moms!

  5. Congratulations! I've heard great things about CM; I'm sure it'll be fabulous! And Angie is wonderful of course. The whole crew at TCM makes a great team! Congrats again :)