Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well after being at Grandma & Grandpa's for 6 glorious days (he had SO much fun), McGee returned home to us this morning. It was a joyful reunion as we missed him terribly, but sadly his transition back home has been a bit rough today. With numerous failed nap attempts, a fun night with friends, I am now sitting here listening to the hysterical screaming that comes from an overtired 3 year old. I was told he napped and slept well at Grandma & Grandpa's, but transitions are hard on 3 year olds (actually I find they're hard for most people regardless of age). Don't worry, we're not heartless, and definitely not immune to the tearing at my heart that comes from his cries, but we've been in his room at least a 1/2 dozen times tonight trying to console him and get him to sleep (oh and get 4 tiny cups of water because he was "thirsty", I know I should have quit after the first two). I learned long ago that going in and attempting to console him only ends up making it worse, but I just can't seem to hold myself back and deny my motherly instincts and the false belief that a hug from mom will make it all better and he'll drift off happily to sleep. It is dad's calm and gentle demeanor and talks that actually seem to soothe him best, but tonight not even that is helping. Tomorrow we will have a relaxed day at home and transition back to our routines, the daily happenings that keep this home together and happy. Oh - and definitely we will be taking EARLY naps to ensure this doesn't occur again tomorrow night.

Signing off now to succumb to my need to attempt (once again) to console my over-tired boy...


  1. No fun! Praying today is better for you. And that tonight is a piece of cake. :D

  2. Thank you for the prayers! This morning was terrible - Mr. Contrary all the way, but we got out and walked in the beautiful sunshine for most of the day and he DID take a nap today and went to bed fairly well tonight. :)

  3. I soo get the overtired thing... Carter has such a hard time with being overtired, where as Everett will sleep like a rock star. :-) 6 days? Wow!