Saturday, October 24, 2009

1/2 Birthday

Wow - it's October 24th, 2009 which means today is Miss Em's 1/2 birthday and she is officially 18 months or 1 1/2 years old! Truly I can't believe I'm no longer the mom of a "baby", but a "toddler". Crazy! The above picture was taken today - it's not the best, I didn't get a smile, but I still wanted to include one of you from your actual "1/2 birthday".

You spent the day being an absolute doll at a memorial service for the mother of some of Mommy & Daddy's friend's. It was overwhelmingly sad as I thought of the giant loss her family must be feeling, but what an incredible legacy this woman of God has left for her family (7 kids plus their spouses and children) and the world to see! Can you believe she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family singing "Better Is One Day"? What better way to enter the Kingdom than this? Anyway you sat through the first hour of the service very well and then we took you and brother outside and you made it for another 3 hours before we finally left for home and you conked out asleep in your car seat.

Miss Em - what can I say? You really are such a complete JOY to Daddy and I! Your facial expressions, sweet voice, spunk, and typically easy-going attitude are just some of the things that go into the incredible personality you are bringing to the world. Your walking has quickly turned to running and your verbal skills have taken off as well. You mimick pretty much anything you hear and your vocabulary grows daily and often surprises us. The other day Grandma was changing your diaper and she said "1, 2" then you said, "3", and she said "4" and you said "5", then she said, "6" and you said "7,8" then she said "9" and you finished it off with "10"! We were impressed my girl! I've since heard you saying the correct number for various things you are counting or playing with. You also know your ABC's.

Happy 1/2 birthday my sweet baby girl (I can still call you that, you'll ALWAYS be my baby)! Here are some of my favorite recent pictures that tell the story of "who" you are:

Hugging Mommy's old bears that Grandma & Grandpa brought down. The bear with the apple bib was Mommy's when I was your age and the Winnie the Pooh bear Daddy brought back to me our sophomore year in high school when he went to Disneyland with his family.

I LOVE the sparkle in your eyes!

Always having fun and trying to hide!

Your sweet head tilt and smile - love it!

My big girl with her new shoes on!

Such a little goofball!

Strong and may fall down but you quickly pick yourself up and get back on your feet ready to go again! This attitude will be very beneficial to you throughout life.

Always the daredevil - climbing up onto the big train, even after losing a shoe and tearing your tights up with the sharp edges of the steps.

Sorting, stacking, counting...I just love your goofy little face!

This just shows your constant companion, your trusty thumb, and how cuddly you often
are with others!

I love you precious girl!

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  1. That's precious! Happy half birthday miss Em! I don't think I knew that she was a thumb sucker! That's so sweet!
    Her counting is amazing! And the ABCs?! Tell me she just knows the tune and not all the letters! :D What a smart girl :D