Friday, October 9, 2009

Grammy & Papa

How blessed my children are to not only have one set of living grandparents, but TWO! The true blessing however is in the love they receive from their grandparents and how they just adore their grandbabies and want to be involved in their lives as much as possible. Sadly this is becoming more and more rare these days and although not always properly conveyed, we treasure the blessing of our children's grandparents.

I took some impromptu photos during a recent visit from Grammy & Papa and just had to share. Miss Em and McGee have so much fun with Grammy and Papa and the sound of their visits is filled with giggles and squeals of delight! It must also be especially fun for Grammy & Papa to see Miss Em, who embodies the looks and personality of her Daddy, Grammy & Papa's baby boy. That said, Mr. McGee's charm and hilarity often steal the show!

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Cracking up at one of Papa's smart remarks!

We love you Grammy & Papa!

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  1. grandparents are SO special! I'm glad your kids have some that love to be with them! :) We have that blessing too!! The last picture is my favorite... a keeper for sure!