Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look Who's Walking

Yes it's true - Miss Em is finally UP and walking on her own!

Please excuse the scabbed up nose and bruised up forehead, my poor girl had a rough week with the ground and surprisingly it had nothing to do with her walking efforts.

Say "goodbye" knee-walking and "hello" to walking tall!

Miss Em has been teasing us with walking for a month or so now, taking a few steps here, another couple there and then dropping back down to her knees and "walking" away. But Wednesday the 23rd of September she shocked us all as she took nearly 25 steps down the church corridor after Wednesday night service. Of course we had to run out and get her some "real" shoes with some solid soles and real support. She still enjoys dropping down to those knees every now and then, but she's up and walking lots and there seems to be no stopping her now! Love you baby girl! It is SO much fun watching you waddle around!


  1. Yay Miss Em!!! She looks so proud of herself!! We have those shoes too! They are GREAT!! (A little too easy to pull off, but still great!). We love soft sole shoes for new walkers as they let them flex their feet to find their balance. Our favorites are Pedipeds because they have cushion in them and not just a thin piece of suede. Also, Stride Rite has some that are really flexible but have a harder sole. Next up...running :D

  2. So Cute! I love the top pic! I recognize that flowered shirt with the peachish shorts, did you get that from lands? i know I gave her one like that of A's. Hope you all have fun at bunco tonight, starting soon!

  3. I haven't been here for so long! Congrats to Miss Em :) How fun for all of you!