Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forgotten But Not Lost

I just sat down and started typing out my latest blog post (this fantastic entry), when I heard McGee's door open and his little feet patter down the hallway. He poked his head in the office and I gave him a hug, a bit disappointed he only napped for an hour and my writing time has been cut short. I say, "Mommy's writing right now, so maybe you can go out and cuddle with Daddy." He says, "Hey I have an idea, I can watch." He's been very interested in letter, writing and spelling this week so I understand him wanting to watch me "write", but then I explained that really I'm "writing" on the computer and then he lost interest. Now I hear him with his pens and paper in the living room spelling with Daddy. Yay for me - more writing time! Yay for him - more Daddy time! Anyway...onto my post for today.
I just came back from a bridal shower for a new friend and it was in this beautiful custom home on the river. Inside and out this home was elegant and the backyard was green and lush (all 3 of their daughter's plus others have been married there under the ivy covered arch) and the lovely deck was actually hanging over the serene water. If it hadn't been 100 degrees out today I think I could have spent all afternoon relaxing in the peaceful setting. day I MUST have a home on the water again (my childhood home and parent's current home has a creek behind it).

Since this was a new friend I didn't really know anyone else there besides one of the hostesses (also a VERY new friend) and found myself struggling at the unfamiliar awkwardness that can come of sitting in a room full of very lovely strangers and not knowing who to talk to or what to say. Mostly I just sat there admiring every square inch of the room and it's decor, the detailed crown molding, oil paintings, grand piano, armoir, marble covered buffet, embroidered pillows, antique couch and wing-back chairs and the alluring wrought iron dress form covered in an ultra-feminine vintage wedding gown and veil. Anything to look at besides sitting there with a smile on my face feeling out of place. Eventually I did enjoy some conversations with a few women, they were mostly older women from the bride-to-be's Bible study group. The food was delicious, a delectably cheesy sausage croissant casserole, fresh fruit and muffins, but of course, the best part was the gifts.

It was so much fun to see gift after gift of new white serving platters, china, gravy boats, bowls, curtains, rugs, cookie sheets, square wicker storage box/ottoman, aprons, pot holders, cake stands, cupcake carrier, decorator and stand and numerous lacy sweet nothings for the honeymoon. Watching her open each gift reminded me of the excitement and joy in receiving so many wonderful gifts nine years ago (has it really been that long?) when I was the bride-to-be. I'll admit it, a slight twinge of envy ran through me as I thought of all of the dishes and finer things that haven't been touched these last few years since we've had kids. Of the drawer full of sweet nothings that I rarely wear and the crystal candleholders and vanilla scented candles that I never burn. The good glasses that sit hidden away in my hutch for fear of breaking them. Really, what good are they doing in there? What good is any of this stuff if we're not using it and enjoying it? I was reminded of the three-part dish we registered for at Crate & Barrel and received. Can you believe they are still selling the exact same thing at the exact SAME price?! No inflation at Crate & Barrel apparently. I was so excited when we opened it and was sure it would be filled many times in our future with all of the entertaining we would be doing. That same dish was a casualty of Miss Em a few months ago as she got into the hutch and banged a cut-crystal creamer bowl into it and shattered the side. Believe it or not (I know you believe it if you've read any of my Not Me Mondays!), I took a picture of the broken dish, but despite searching all over my catalog of photos I've decided it must have been the ONE picture I've actually deleted in the last year because I couldn't find it. Did life stop the moment this dish was broken? Nope, didn't even change in the least!

My point is, just because we have children and get used to using plastic plates and wearing stained clothes thanks to precious sticky fingers, there is no excuse for storing away and not using the wonderful gifts we received for our wedding and bridal showers. Sure they need to be used wisely, i.e. not serving Miss Em in one of our nice glasses that I guarantee she would toss from her highchair and shatter to pieces, but I've decided today that depriving ourselves (mostly me really, not sure Daddy is too torn up about not using the china for dinner) of some of these niceties of the grown-up world is just wrong and if I'm not going to use it then I should just put it up for sale in our garage sale next weekend.
My goal this week - clean out the cupboards and start using some of our wedding gifts. Anyone else want to join me in enjoying the finer things of life in the everyday?

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  1. I would! I totally agree with your sentiment....except... i already got rid of everything:)