Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to another Not Me Monday! MckMama started this blog carnival and as much as I'd like to think my life is perfectly ordered and embarrasing, random, undesirable things DO NOT happen to me, that just ISN'T my life, so I participate in this carnival to pretend for a brief second that none of this happened this last week. Enjoy!

- It WASN’T ME who left my daughter sans diaper after a bath while I started packing up lunch, only to come back and see her pooping on my new carpet! She DIDN’T proceed to crawl away before I got to her which mean she DIDN’T smear it in 3 more spots on the carpet before I swooped her up and began to clean, clean, clean! This also DID NOT occur while Daddy was at church and Mommy was left trying to get the three of us out the door so I could go to a funeral. Therefore, I DIDN’T immediately get out the newly borrowed mini-carpet cleaner and clean the carpet while I should have been getting ready to go.

- At a friend’s rock band’s last concert (the main singer/guitarist has to move to Utah), I DID NOT seem like a complete lame-O when I asked, “Why?” when his fiancĂ© said, “This is so sad.” Duh - this is their LAST concert together! Nope I wouldn't open my big mouth and say something stupid - I NEVER do that!

- My daughter DID NOT attempt to climb her bookshelf while I was sitting right there with the camera! I DID NOT quickly snap a picture before grabbing her and explaining bookshelves are not for climbing. Oh and I DID NOT let my son take some pictures with my old camera.
- While taking pictures of a friend and her kids at the park, when I heard a sound like McGee pouring water out of a water bottle right behind me, I DID NOT turn around to see him with his pants around his ankles as he gave the grass some very good watering. NOPE, my son knows that peeing is for potty’s only (unless we’re camping)!

- After pulling up at Trader Joe’s to get some groceries and unbuckling Miss Em from her carseat, I DID NOT search high and low for my car keys so I could lock the car and go in. I DID NOT ransack my purse with one hand while holding Em in the other and I especially DID NOT suddenly realize that the car was still on and I had left the keys in the ignition! Note to self (and any blog readers): talking on cell phone really does impair your thinking abilities!

- It WASN'T my son who in the 3 minutes it took to change his sister's diaper, DIDN'T empty an entire bottle of new baby shampoo and fill up the bathroom sink with warm water. I was NOT hollering down the hallway the entire time, "McGee - turn off the water. Turn off the water now!" NOPE - my son is incredibly obedient and always does what I say - the first time! When I came upon him, he was NOT sitting on the side of the sink with his feet in the water and he did NOT say, "I'm taking a bath" and rub his very soapy hands all over his clothed body and face.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit about our monkey house - wishing you a wonderful week!


  1. Those are some GOOD ones! Glad none of it ACTUALLY happened ;-)

  2. Thanks Heather! How are your precious ones?

  3. Thank you for helping me fill a bit more "normal"! Thanks for being a real Mom with real Kids!! And for sharing about it! At least you have pictures! LOL! ~Raeane =)

  4. No problem Raeane - not sure if the pictures are good or bad, but at least it's proof for when the kids are older and think I made up these stories. :)