Saturday, August 15, 2009


The saying goes that less is more, but for the life of me I am having the most difficult time deleting and editing pictures of my kids because I can never decide what picture I like best! For that reason you are being inundated with pictures of my Handy Miss Em today while she is CAUGHT discovering Daddy's tool bag under the desk! Please forgive the lighting differences in the pictures, these are SOOC (straight-out-of-the-camera), unedited shots and I was playing around with some different white balance settings which accounts for the different color casts, but I still just love capturing my daughter's joy and fun in discovering new things.
So pretty

Too cute for words

What? I'm just sitting here, not getting into any trouble, nope, no trouble at all here.

If we just keep eye contact them maybe your eyes won't notice me getting into Daddy's bag.

Oh, did I hear you just say it was okay for me to play with Daddy's tools?

(Making engine/power tool noises, notice the crazy bed head in the back)

This is the coolest new toy, it makes clicking sounds!



  1. Way too cute!! I love those pictures!! And the bedhead :D

  2. Thanks Heather! Can't wait to read and see more pics of your three beauties!