Monday, August 17, 2009

Fashion Statements

Yesterday was a day in our house for throwing all of the fashion rules and trends OUT the window and starting from scratch. We went for what felt FUN, what felt RIGHT at the time and what was AVAILABLE for us to grab.

It began when going through a bag of hand-me-downs we just received (I LOVE hand-me-downs) and the treasure that was found in the bottom of the bag - brand new, shiny red boots in Size 7 - perfect for McGee! He put on those boots and had fun tromping, riding, running, playing piano and pretty much anything else he wanted to do in those fancy new red boots (or some may call them rubbers or galoshes). When McGee first saw them he actually said, "Hey I can go fishing in these!" and then, "I can be a fireman with these!"

The picture is blurry, but I especially love that the bottom of the boots have a little red smiley face on them. Details, details.

The fashion fun continued after dinner as Miss Em came "walking" down the hall, I use this term loosely as she "walks" on her knees only at this time and has not decided to walk fully upright by herself yet. So she and McGee had been playing in McGee's room and she came out of the room and happily strutted her stuff down the hallway with a pair of McGee's underwear on her head like a Beret. She was SO proud of herself and this fantastic new hat she'd fashioned! I think it stayed on for at least 10 minutes.
A couple of minutes later McGee came out in swim trunks stating, "I'm going swimming!". Then a few minutes after that he came out asking for help in putting his backpack on because he said, "I'm going to school."
As you can see I ran and grabbed the camera to document all of the fashion fun that was had. I can't wait until we actually had play dress-up clothes and see what they put together!


  1. LOL...Joshua wears a size 9 and is about 10 months younger than Myles. Gosh my kid has mammoth feet!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Mindy! I love reading yours too. I just saw you had a photography blog too! That is exciting. My entire business started when I got an SLR too, so you can do it! Loved the fashion show pictures :)

  3. Jaimie - I'd love to email you directly but don't have your email. I was wondering if you have a photography contract that you wouldn't mind sharing? I just was asked to do a wedding and want to have some sort of contract put together. Thanks!