Monday, July 13, 2009


Now that I'm all mature and 30 (ha ha), I realized I need to start thinking seriously about my fitness. I can no longer (nor could I ever really) use the excuse that I was nursing and couldn't work out too much for fear of harming my milk production. I am still nursing, but my milk always seems to be in an abundance and really, if it slows down a bit, Miss Em isn't going to starve. :) I've tried for the last couple of months to do the 30 Minute Shred videos and although they definitely helped to tone my muscles, I can't say that I've had much weight loss (especially in that very unforgiving mommy middle section). Running has always seemed to be the fastest way for me to lose weight, but I've never really been committed to it. My intention is always to stick to it, but eventually my back hurts from the high impact on the concrete of our neighborhood or the dog pulling on the leash, or I get a cold and miss a few days and then never really pick it up again. Or I get pregnant, like when Miss Em surprised me and I didn't want to take the risk of harming her by running (not really likely, but if you've had a miscarriage you understand why any risk, no matter how slight or paranoid, is unacceptable).

So back to my running attempts...I have always thought of myself as athletic, I started playing soccer at age 4 and went through high school playing 2 and sometimes three sports. My blood pressure has always been low and I often am asked if I run because I have a "runners heart rate". After two babies and 5 years of 9 hour/day desk jobs prior to that, I can no longer say I am athletic and this makes me a bit sad. I don't want to be an out-of-shape, lethargic mommy, I want to be a mommy who's always ready to play in the yard and maybe one day I can coach soccer, basketball or softball. To that end I have wanted to get back into running and the perfect opportunity presented itself yesterday at the baby shower when a friend asked me to be part of a marathon relay team in October. I'd been thinking about trying to train for a 1/2 marathon, but this 6 1/2 mile relay might be the perfect "baby step" to get me committed to training. I excitedly said "yes" and so today my training began! I know at least a couple of you are runners - any tips for this running rookie?

After the long hike Friday and my very sore feet all weekend, I knew I needed new running shoes. I went to a store yesterday and left with a pair of New Balance shoes that were on sale for $40 and seemed pretty comfy, although I was in heels from the baby shower and could only try them on with peds. This morning I went to put them on for my run and they were not comfy at all, they were definitely too tight with real socks on. After running in my old shoes and going to the chiropractor, the kids and I went to a VERY highly recommended store for running gear so I could be properly fitted for shoes. I was aware they'd be expensive, but knew that I was lost when it came to finding the right shoes for me. I could not get over their exceptional customer service and the lengths they went to determining the right type of shoe for you (taking into account your stride and way that you walk) and size. I found a pair of a brand I hadn't bought in years because they felt too tight - didn't know they were perfect in a Wide and felt great. I went ahead and spent the money conceding that you couldn't sacrifice for overall health.

Later this afternoon I was out with a friend and since there was a nice Big 5 nearby we stopped in so I could see if they had Daddy's shoes on sale and just see if there could be a cheaper pair that could work for me. I found a pair that felt heavenly for less than 1/2 the price of my earlier pair, and then got a great deal on Daddy's shoes too. Now we are both all set with new running shoes. Yes I know I have bought 3 pairs of running shoes in the last 2 days, and yes I know I now need to return 2 pairs, but for me it is worth the hassle finding the right shoe at the right price. Oh and finding out that I need to be wearing a size 8 instead of the 7 I've been shopping for and that I could possibly use a wide shoe if fit requires. I never would have thought to try on such a large shoe - I am under 5 feet tall afterall and most ladies my size are wearing size 6. Now tell me, which pair do you think cost $100 and which ones do you think were only $42?

I haven't written too much about my babies and their developments or behaviors lately and I hope to remedy that soon, but until then, this was a conversation I overheard between McGee and Miss Em tonight in Em's room while I was in another room and I thought it was funny:

McGee: Want me to read the story to you? It's a good story and I'll tell it to you.

Miss Em: (squealing, she doesn't really have too many discernable words yet)

McGee: Okay so the house is open and the hamburger is locked up and the ice cream is locked up (not sure if this is his commentary of our recent food choices or not). Then we go camping and over to a different house and then to Brady's house. Did I say something? Oh what else? (I can hear him thinking) Oh and we go to Jed's house and Hannah's house and, oh, did I SEE something? Yes I SAW something, and then that was the end. It's time to pray and go night-night now.

Well I think McGee was right, it's time for me to go night-night now. Signing off...

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  1. I'm not a runner - at all! but I think the top pair is the more expensive - right? I had all sorts of knee problems growing up and being tall - that's my excuse :) I did buy a new stroller online to make walking more comfortable! I'm excited for it to come!