Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

I can't believe I went a whole weekend without blogging! It was actually kind of a busy weekend, with a 10-mile hike up at Lake Tahoe (just beautiful!) then coming home and seeing my SIL's family on Friday, a surprise 50th birthday party for my cousin Lori on Saturday (actually, only Em & I went to this one, the boys went to another birthday party for one of McGee's best friend's) and then a baby shower for me and vocal workshop for Daddy on Sunday. I was plum tuckered out and boy did my feet hurt after that hike! A very giving and sweet friend watched the kids for us yesterday while we were both out and then I ended up staying over there until 7:30 last night just chatting with her and enjoying last minute grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (I hope I didn't invite myself for dinner because we stayed so late). It was so relaxing sitting on her back porch watching our older two have a water fight with the hoses - can you guess which one kept dropping the hose and running away? Yep, that was my Mr. Magoo, he was definitely in the drop and run defensive stance, but since he was the one who started it with the first hose, I know he was having fun.

Friday's hike with women from our church was a great opportunity to connect since our Bible studies have been out for summer break. I loved the crisp air and all of the rock formations and bridges along the trail. I also loved the rejuventation of dipping our toes in the icy water despite being attacked by all of the geese (one even bit a gal's toe!). I DID NOT love the few stretches of trail that were very narrow and precarious with LONG drop-offs (and no railing or barrier whatsoever) down to the rocks and water.

Saturday lots of family and friends surprised my cousin Lori with a 50th birthday celebration at her home. A friend had taken her shopping in the "big city" and when she arrived home she had a house and yard full of people that loved her! With her arms full of shopping bags I caught this picture of her joy and surprise:

The food was delicious and the company delightful, but I had a major headache and still felt a little "off" from the hike and high altitude from the day before. On top of this, Miss Em had a MAJOR case of mommyitis and didn't want to go to anyone else. I'm not sure if it was the fact that her big brother, whom she is used to always having around and who is a social butterfly, was not there or because I had left her for 12 hours the day before which was the longest we've been apart since her birth. Either way it was exhausting hauling her around and managing her little "fits" (throwing herself back and forth in your arms). I was glad when we were finally home and I was able to crawl into bed.

Saturday the weather was also a little crazy as all of a sudden it started raining! It was a hot summer rain, but it was not expected and the shade covers that had been put up for the party to protect us from the sun, served well protecting us from the rain. My cousin Joel and his beautiful wife and daughter were at the party and they are expecting another little girl in just a few weeks. After seeing Amy's pregnancy "glow", I asked her if I could take just a few photos of her for fun as I adore the pregnant belly. I wish I would have been feeling better and my mind could have thought of some good poses and shots to take, but I do like some of the snapshots I did get and you can see the unedited, straight-out-of-the-camera (SOOC) shots here. One day soon I'll have a chance to play around with the colors, cropping, lighting etc. Thanks Joel, Amy & Hannah for being my guinea pigs, I can't wait to take many more photos of you soon!

Sunday's baby shower was lots of fun and the gifts included numerous handmade items from a couple of friends. The mommy-to-be was asked and actually selected fabric and various items she wanted made including a giraffe diaper bag (very chic, not a baby print type), Baumshell nursing cover (oh how I LOVE mine!), large, stretchy swaddle blankets, bibs, embroidered burp cloths, onesies, diaper changing pad, super soft taggie blankets and probably other things that I can't think of right now. I am amazed at all of the talent in creating and sewing that there is in my circle of friends. I go crazy when I see all of those beautiful fabrics and prints!

Well I think that about wraps up our weekend. I hope you had as much fun as we did and that your week has started off with a mighty awesome day today!

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  1. That was a full weekend! No wonder you didn't post at all :) Hope that your week has settled a bit!