Friday, July 10, 2009

Captured Moments

I had the pleasure of sneaking a few minutes away yesterday with McGee to go down and play with my niece and nephew today. Of course I wanted to take the opportunity to play with my camera and take lots of pictures! They were incredibly easy to photograph and we had a terrific time with the kids just playing in the backyard and "Auntie" (me) following around with my favorite new passion (my camera). Here are a few of my favorite captured moments and you can see more of my favorites right here.

And because there are just some more serious photos I think should be in black and white...

As you can see I am loving the new lens and I do adore photographing life, please let me know if I can come and capture some of your moments!


  1. Great shots! Are you loving your lens? Is it the 50mm? :-)

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  3. Great Job! Those are good! Addies is so cute in her dress!

  4. Joshua was napping, but if you click the link to see the web album then you can see a pic I snuck of him. :)

    Thanks! I DO love my new lens so far, but still getting used to the manual settings vs. preset (Auto, Portrait, etc.). After reading (literally) hundreds of reviews and research websites I ended up choosing the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. I wanted a great portrait lens with a little more flexibility than a prime lens. So far it's great!