Monday, June 15, 2009


I bought daddy an acoustic guitar for Christmas 2007. He has always had a love of music but never known how to play the guitar. Since then he has spent many hours teaching himself how to play and has already added some incredible guitars to his collection. McGee loves to play with him. In fact, McGee has LOVED music from the day he was born so this new passion in our home for music suits McGee just fine. Last night daddy had a recorded concert on tv and as soon as it came on, McGee got the biggest, most excited expression on his face and ran around saying, "I need my guitar!" As soon as he found his guitar he turned into a little rockstar! This is what we saw:
He couldn't take his eyes off the screen, mimicking the guitarist and lifting his leg up as he strummed along. It was hilarious! The concentration he displayed was complete with his tongue sticking out (thanks grandma).

I had never seen him do this, but apparently daddy says he does it every time daddy puts a concert on to watch. Oh our little Jimmy Page...

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