Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Joy of New Toys

I have always had a love for taking pictures. I remember getting my first camera, a little neon yellow one that my parents gave me Christmas of 5th grade I think. It was also back when I really liked the Raiders, I remember this because I have lots of pictures that Christmas of me with my new Raiders jersey, hat and football clip-on earrings. Yep that's right, we were not allowed to pierce our ears while under my father's roof so I was forced to wear clip-on or magnetic earrings. It really wasn't that bad actually, and I did end up piercing my ears my sophomore year of high school against my father's wishes. It was my BIG teenage rebellion, made complete by writing a 2 page letter to my dad explaining my reasons for wanting pierced ears (I think it included something about wanting to be feminine in some way as the only girl on the boys soccer team and also included something about me promising to only wear small earrings and not big gaudy ones). I really didn't want to disappoint or disobey my dad, but I was glad when he decided I could keep them. I still typically only wear stud earrings most of the time. I digress...back to cameras and taking pictures.

So for as long as I can remember I've wanted a Canon Rebel. I loved my Olympus and Nikon 35mms, but the Rebel was what I longed for. Finally a couple of months ago my dream was realized and I bought a digital Canon Rebel XS. Hooray! I have been taking pictures like crazy ever since!

I've been wanting to expand my abilities with a new camera lens and a friend of mine dropped off his 50mm f/1.8 lens yesterday for me to borrow. He said to have fun with it and I sure have! I've been learning the camera through trial and error so far and really should get out the manual and read it , but hey, what fun would that be? Here are some of my favorite shots I took of the kids last night as they were playing after dinner. To see all of my favorite pictures from last night click here.

Oh what a character this little girl is turning out to be!

This boy can't get enough of playing in water!

Can you see the shock on Miss Em's face as big brother McGee gives her a "shower"?

These two had SO much fun last night!

I'm curious - which picture is your favorite?


  1. They are too cute! Your pictures all look great - trial and error works for me :) I love the last one - the look on Em's face is adorable!

  2. Love the new blog look! And I can't pick a favorite! I love them all! And I'm so glad to have internet access again so I can see your little blessings!!! :D

  3. This post made me laugh because it reminded me of me. I was a huge Raiders fan in the 6th grade. And I have always loved taking pictures too. I received a Canon Rebel when I graduated from high school, and loved it. But since its film, I don't really use it any longer. I would love to own a DSLR but its one of those toys that I would have to save up for. Some day though. You shoot really well!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Amy - the digital slr is definitely worth saving for if you can. Have a super weekend!