Monday, June 22, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

Who me??
Guess who had lots of fun exploring today and moving all about? That's right, our child #2, our mover and shaker Miss Em! She enjoyed scavenging in the pantry (you may see a post soon on all of those canned veggies) and taking down a poor, defenseless box of onion soup mix. Then she surprised us by walking all the way across our dining/family room...and back AGAIN! Okay well she did have a little support with her walking, she found our barstool made the perfect walker!

I can't tell you how much I adore little outfits with ruffles on their bums, so cute!

Oh and these chubby legs I could just look at all night!

Way up on her tiptoes, a very determined girl!

High-ya! Take that box of onion soup mix!

This girl just delights us with her joyful, adventurous and happy spirit! She and daddy had lots of fun together all morning and daddy said she just LOVED playing hide-and-seek with him as he'd crawl around one corner of the wall between the dining and living rooms and then crawl and peek his head around the other side. Mommy is a heavy sleeper and was taking a much appreciated 3 hour nap - but I'm sure I still heard slight whispers of her squeals of delight! Watch out world - despite her loving and happy spirit, this girl has a fire in her belly when she doesn't get her way! Upon being told "no" at any point, her face falls pitifully into an Oscar winning face of dejection and then the water works and screaming sirens start. It's quite something to behold - and we're very happy it's not a frequent occurrence, although I think it may become more common as she becomes more mobile and curious about everything. Way to go my girl on using the bar stool! I can't wait to see what the next week holds for you. :)

I had to include a photo that shows her first real bruise, earned yesterday during a common door tug-o-war between she and her brother. She likes to close doors...he likes to open them. This photo also highlights her precious sweet curls of hair that daddy loves to brush. Daddy and I have super straight hair so we're not sure exactly where these came from, but we love them anyway.


  1. Such a cutie! Love those curls too :) Have fun keeping up with her!

  2. Thanks! Today she was all cuddles and sweetness.

  3. where is your not me monday post? :) You and Corrina are both slacking this week :)