Sunday, June 21, 2009

Give Him A Hand!

Let's put our hands together to celebrate what an awesome dad (and husband) we have! It's Father's Day and the kids were more than happy to let Dad know just how special they think he is. While Daddy went to church early to teach his music Sunday school class, Miss Em took a quick nap and McGee painted some creative pictures to show daddy how great he thinks he is. McGee was SO incredibly excited to paint a Father's Day card for Daddy. I was a bit nervous about it myself, considering he was already dressed in his clothes for church and we only had about 20 minutes before we needed to wake Em up and head to church ourselves. However, our morning craft time turned out to be loads of fun for both of us and clean-up was a breeze thanks to the plastic tablecloth I'd put down and the IKEA smock that McGee will outgrow in about a week (it was a bit tight, but did the job for today).

Dear Daddy, how do we love thee, let us count the ways...

- we love your playful energy and all the fun we have
- we love how you rush home from work everyday to spend more time with us and how you light up when you walk in the door and see us
- we love how hard you work and the things you put up with at work and how well you nurture and take care of (all) of us
- we love how committed you are to providing Mommy the opportunity to stay home and take care of us
- we love seeing you in God's word every morning and the example you set for us as our family's spiritual leader
- we love your quiet strength and authority, and the way you combine it with gentleness and tenderness in teaching us manners and how to have Godly character
- we love how you enjoy teaching and playing the guitar with us and singing
- we love your delicious veggies and how you let McGee water and tend your garden with you
- we love how snuggly and affectionate you are and the fun we have reading, tickling and wrestling, daddies who get down on the ground to play are the best kind of daddies!
- we love the way you are teaching us how to love and respect others, through your love and devotion to Mommy and to the Lord
- we love how you still believe, despite what the world seems to be saying, that it's important to take responsibility for your actions (okay, maybe we don't always LOVE this, but we'll appreciate it one day and so will the rest of the world!)
- we love your soft, cuddly beard and how you are the only one who can give McGee a haircut without a river of tears
- we love your hands on, heart-on-your sleeve approach to fatherhood

and finally...we just love YOU!!!! Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Can you hear the round of applause we are giving you? You're the best!

Love, Mommy, McGee & Baby Bucky (Miss Em)

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