Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oompa, Lompa. Doompadee-Doo!

I went looking for my daughter and found my very own little Oompa-Loompa instead (please disregard the slight amount of drip coming from this creature's nose)!

Actually Miss Em and I went to the park with our Mom's Connection group today and I dressed her in a swimsuit since I was sure this little water loving girl of ours would have a BLAST playing in the water feature. Oddly enough, she wanted nothing to do with the water feature, but had lots of fun pushing other people's strollers around.

Does this make my bum look big??

If you're wondering what is on her legs then I will confess it is a pair of mommy's socks. This girl is not yet walking, but also refuses to wear socks or shoes, so I decided some of my socks might offer some protection for her knees and tops of her feet as she crawls around everywhere.

I'm often asked, "How does she sit like that?" I'm not sure, but she does...all of the time. I think God makes us more flexible the younger we are.

Once again my flower child is trying to pull off her socks. Hooray for mom, my idea of my socks for her has paid off and despite much effort, she couldn't get them off! Oh and as if it even needs to be said, I love that little, I mean big tummy sticking out. Babies are just SO incredibly cute - you just want to grab and pinch them (gently of course)!

Oh, did I mention she likes to take all of her hats off too? Thank goodness for hat's that velcro under the chin, it takes her at least a few seconds longer to get them off.

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