Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dry Day

Despite the fun of playing in the water this morning before church (yep, we had to change into outfit #2), today was a super dry day! That's right, today is the first day McGee napped in underoos (underpants) and to top it off - he woke up dry! Once we returned from the family reunion in Utah (blog post still to come), we went back to underpants and he has done awesome with only a couple of wet accidents. Hooray my boy - it's a HAPPY DAY!
I've been playing with some editing on photos this afternoon - which picture do you all like, the full color or the one I played around with?

Also had to throw in this one capturing how cuddly he was when he woke up.

***Update: Not 30 seconds after publishing this post I heard daddy ask McGee why he went pee-pee in his pants and not the potty. Oops! Well we can always work on it again tomorrow. :)

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  1. Yay for McGee :) It comes and goes, but gets better and better! How's the big boy bed??