Friday, June 12, 2009

Armed and Dangerous

Okay, let me just say that I LOVE order, I am YEARS behind in scrapbooking because I need to go in chronological order and don't like skipping ahead. I like schedules, routines, and efficiency (not that I am successful at being efficient). I'm just an egg before the chicken kind of girl. ALL of that being blog posts will not always be in chronological order. I will just need to post as I feel inspired or else my blog will quickly become as backlogged as my scrapbooking (to which I'm concerned I may never go back to). I'm saying this because I still plan to post about my family reunion we went to in Utah over Memorial Weekend and our camping trip the kids and I took earlier this week. I took too many pictures and haven't had time yet to look through them all and decide what to post. But keep looking because eventually I will get to them. :) Alright, my disclaimer is over - on to my new post!
Yesterday we went to visit Daddy's school on his second to last day of classes and their annual "Field Day" - an afternoon full of relay races, water games and ice cold popsicles. Last year McGee had a blast with water soaked sponges and this year he was armed...with a SPRAY bottle! He was entrusted by Mrs. Moore to squirt any kids not paying attention, or not listening, or not standing where there were supposed to be, basically this meant he was to squirt ALL of the third graders. BOY was he up for this task! He had so much fun squirting all of the kids and they loved it in return. Up and down the rows he would go, zapping them with water.

Daddy's class won the relay race - they sure were fast, but he cooled off their heels with leftover water from the sponge soaking race.

It was such a fun afternoon watching daddy with his kids (even if some of them were cause for quite a bit of stress and frustration this year - who knew 3rd graders could act like correctional inmates?) But just look at this face - who wouldn't want this cool guy for their teacher?

My favorite part of the day though was seeing how daddy enjoyed sharing this fun with his little McGee.

What could be more fun for McGee than lots of big kids wanting to hang out with him? They all thought he was so cool and they circled around him. He was definitely having a great time and I love the sparkle he has in his eyes

Don't you worry, I didn't forget Miss Em. She was sadly confined to the stroller (for her own protection from the sun and all of those germies that 3rd graders have), but her highlight of the afternoon was enjoying her very first popsicle! She even had an enthusiastic audience watching this momentous occassion and after her first couple of tastes, she decided popsicles were just wonderful!

It did prove to be tiring though, so McGee had to take a breather towards the end.

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  1. on the topic of scrapbooking...have you considered digital scrapbooking? I did a whole book of Joshua's first 2 years in a just a couple of hours and i love it! I used smilebox and then had the book printed by snapfish. Its the only way to go in my mind, if you are interested ill try to post a few of the pages somewhere so you can see what they look can also check out my friends blog where you she posts her pages that i LOVE!