Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Once again I feel the need for confession and this is why I decided to do another "Not Me Monday!" post. Some Mondays you may find one of these posts and some you may not - it all depends on my previous week.

Okay, here goes...

I did not actually arrive EARLY for our Tuesday Mom's Connection activity. That would be too monumental a task for me to accomplish now that I've become a mom and seem to arrive everyplace late it seems.

Absolutely NO WAY I let me 1 yr. old daughter chew on the side of a metal train while I was busy snapping away pictures.

I didn't take the kids out to run errands and stop by a friend's house and stay SO late that the kids didn't get back in time for nap until 4 p.m. (3 hrs. past normal nap time). I, the woman who depends heavily on naps for well adjusted, happy kids, would never tweak our schedule THAT out of wack. Especially NOT on a day where I was going out for the evening and daddy was going to have the kids to himself. Nope, it didn't happen.

No way did I eat almost an entire bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms with only minimal help from McGee. And the bag most definitely was NOT the large size that you're supposed to serve to guests when entertaining, and not the individual serving size that most of you thought I meant. :)

I did not take out frozen ground turkey to make dinner only to have it not thaw in time (again) and expect daddy to save us by coming up with and making a last minute dinner. His last minute dinner was not more delicious than anything I ever could have come up with given months of planning. Nope he isn't a natural gourmet chef, the man of my dreams, that I knew I'd one day marry so I wouldn't have to slave in the kitchen.

Last night I did not leave Daddy and Miss Em in the backyard pulling weeds and McGee, who wasn't feeling well, still sleeping on his almost 4th hour of nap so that I could run to the grocery store by myself. In addition, it wasn't ME who locked daddy and Em outside (again) for the hour I was gone (on accident of course), during which time McGee woke up crying and daddy could only try to console him through the window until I arrived home a bit later. And, it wasn't ME who wondered what in the world daddy was still doing outside still and why wasn't dinner all ready and waiting for me when I walked in the door? Nope, none of that could have possibly happened at our house!

Oh spaghetti, I guess I have a picture to prove one of the above is actually true!
Well I think that about wraps up our week, at least what I can think of at the moment. Hope you have lots of fun this week! I'm off to cook a meal for someone having surgery, too bad daddy isn't home to do it, they'd get better even faster with his yummy food! :)


  1. Ok, loving that last one!!! I can just see your hubby talking to the boy through the window. Too funny!! I have those weeks too when I feel buried under it all, and my hubby seems on top of everything.

  2. God is truly the master Creator and Matchmaker, giving us the perfect mate to balance us out and complement our personality. I'm often in awe of how perfectly Kyle and I were matched together.

  3. Such a cute picture!

  4. Oh no!! Daddy and crying baby locked out for an hour! Sounds like something I would do! LoL! Give that man a hug! ^_^ It sounds like you all have a beautiful relationship!